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One of the reasons the founding old Gits decided to publish The Daily Stirrer was because they detected a convergence of perspective in the political arena and the news media. A package of opinions, that perpetual economic growth was achieveable through borrowing, that immigration was good for the economy, higher taxation circulated through benefits equals economic growth, multiculturalism worlks, science is infallible and so on were being imposed on the population. Our aim was to promote freethinking and diversity of opinion.

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Green Energy Poverty Week

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day, they yearly event that brings assorted nutters, global naziism enthusiasts, wind turbinne subsidy troughers and tree hugging, rope sandal wearing weirdie beardies (and that's just the women) together as they waste shitloads of energy generated mostly from fossil fuels in the name of saving the planet. It isno accident that Earth Day this year coincides with the day that the Paris Climate Agreement in which all the nations of the world signed up to a plan that acknowledges something must be done, but does not commit any of them to actually doing anything, supposedly goes into effect.

The plan, which President Obama signed in a non-binding fashion without any sort of blessing from the US Congress and David Cameron also put hisd non binding signature to its non binding text without reference to the UK Parliament, signals the start of something very very imponrtant: in the cause of saving the planet we the punters will face the reality of rapidly rising energy costs for no discernible return as green energy taxes send our fuel bills through the roof without reducing carbon Dioxide emissions by a single molecule.

To highlight the hypocrisy of Earth Day and its Warmageddonist sponsors, the energy industry humourists have chosen to counter Earth Day by naming April 17-23 "Green Energy Poverty Week."

Many of the details can be found in US Industry publication Oil Pro.Green Energy Poverty Week. Here's a taster:

To meet the non-binding commitments President Obama made last December in Paris, he is counting on, among many domestic regulations, the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

Last week, on the Senate floor, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, delivered remarks in advance of Earth Day on the unattainability of the U.S. climate commitments. He said: "The Clean Power Plan is the centerpiece of the president’s promise to the international community that the U.S. will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent.” It would “cause double digit electricity price increases in 40 states” and “would prevent struggling communities from accessing reliable and affordable fuel sources, which could eventually lead to poor families choosing between putting healthy food on the table or turning their heater on in the winter."

The real existential threat stalking the world these days isn’t Carbon Dioxide driven climate change it’s poverty. Even in the developed nations there are still many people living at or below poverty levels (more in the USA than Europe, Australia, Canada or Japan actually). With new “green energy” mandates, regulations such as the Clean Power Plan and other policies born from the Paris climate agreement, one of the unavoidable costs for the working poor, the energy to keep them warm and cook their food, is about to increase as green taxes are raised to pay increased subsidies to green troughers who own wind farms and solar farms that produce negligible amounts of electricity intermittently. This will be human cost which the hypocritical self righteousness of anti-fossil fuel evangelicals on the left don’t care to discuss: green energy poverty.

Fuel poverty has been defined as the conditions faced by families in households where 10% or more of their income goes to heating and other energy costs (as opposed to gas for their cars or other transportation needs). With a 15% green levy being imposed on energy bills to keep the millionaire and billionaire green energy troughs happy it is a simple deduction that leads to the obvious conclusion that green energy is one of the main causes of fuel poverty. Those in fuel poverty are the people who pay the real tab created by the green energy movement.


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