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Coronavirus: Fear and Panic and a Globalist Power Grab

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Drug company AstraZeneca plans to ship its first deliveries of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine in September after it received more than $1bn (£820m) from a US government agency to boost development of the medicine. The drugs maker said it had reached agreements for at least 400 million doses and has secured total manufacturing capacity for one billion doses so far. It hopes to supply the vaccine to the UK from September. Astra has received financial support of more than $1bn from the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (Barda) for the development, production and delivery of the vaccine. The development programme includes a phase three clinical trial with 30,000 participants, as well as a paediatric trial, it said. Doubts were raised over the efficacy of the Oxford vaccine earlier this week after initial results of a safety trial revealed the jab failed to stop the virus in monkeys deliberately infected with the virus. So the Oxford COVID 19 vaccine, heralded as front - runner in the race to develop n effective vaccine by governments, health organisations and mainstream media has failed to immunise rhesus monkeys against the virus. Oh we never mind, the government will still buy vast quantities of it and mainstream media will still report it as a major breakthrough in combating the disease, because us poor taxpayers are stupid and made of money aren't we? A doctor speaking on TV recently explained, and as I have no medical qualifications I hope my memory is accurate or at least close here, that no vaccine will prevent the infection of the nasal passages or upper respiratory tract as these are effectively outside the body and have no antibody response.He said this is why it has always proved so difficult to develop effective vaccines against different Coronavirus strains. The issue with these sort of infections and vaccines is they can produce an over reaction if the virus passes beyond the upper tract. He added it is the excessive immune reaction that kills people not the virus, this why HCQ works (my caveat: it has also been said HCQ is dangerous for people of certain ethnic groups or who have some common long term health conditions.) Even if a vaccine as effective as the annual influenza vaccines used to combat the fast mutating viruses that cause seasonal flu outbreaks every winter, (usually about 40% prevention rate according to UK National Health Service statistics) it is unlikely that rogue Coronavirus strains like SARS or COVID-19 will go away. Like flu they will mutate constantly and still occasionally produce epidemics or even pandemics. So the government money being thrown at vaccines is presumably for psychological effect and, for sure, government-induced panic is one of the most important symptoms of covid19, the one that will persade gullible people it is necessary to surrender our rights and liberties in order to ensure our safety. As has been admitted by politicians and senior medical officers it is quite possible that no effective vaccine will be produced or those that are produce will only have limited success in preventing infection. The big question, namely whether any vaccine is effective in the genuinely vulnerable, is still a long way from being answered, but what is known, that COVID - 19 has a very low kill rate across the whole spectrum of people who come into contact with it. So another big question that the authorities have ignored, strengthening theories suggesting this is a manufactured crisis and is being exploited by political opportunists is why lockown whole nations when the majority of us are not at risk. After all we don't give 'flu jabs to the bulk of the population in whom the risk of developing serious symptoms after contact with this disease is minimal, as is the case with COVID - 18. Yet people like Bill Gates are talking about mandatory vaccines for the whole world, and brainwashed left wing idiots are acting as cheerleaders for a plan that would turn the whole world into a slave colony. There have been a great many 'disingenuous' claims for all sorts of nostrums and tests (which don't actually work but serve to feed sensationalist headlines and inflated statistics because they cannot distinguish COVID - 19 from other Coronavirus strains, such as the ones that cause the common cold,) from laboratories which are utterly remote from the needs of industrialised medicine. The extreme weakness of scientific education in the UK is that scarcely anyone in public service can distinguish what is snake oil and what is not. Big pharmaceutical companies are involved with vaccines, understandably enough... it's what they do and it is ongoing business for them. It is 'a global crisis' indeed but BBC news and Labour Party leader Keir Starmer are doing their best to make us all believe it is the fault of this particular UK government that poor people and BAME people and those in poorer districts of London are suffering the Coronavirus worst of all because their plight was more ignored than anyone else's. No mention of obesity rates or genetic vulnerability or vitamin D deficiency due to skin colour and/or lifestyle etc. When you live in Leftworld everything is the fault of conservatives and viruses can indeed be racist. It's laughable if it weren't so dishonest. Unfortunately Mr. Starmer and the cultural Marxists staffing BBC 'news' are scientifically illiterate. Which racial group has evolved in a climate that virtually guarantees a wave of coronavirus infections every year? Caucasians, north Europeans especially, have evolved to deal with coronaviruses, other racial groups have not faced the same selective pressure. It would be great to have a vaccine with 80% effectiveness to save lives of course and also to delete the manipulations of all the pro slave state lefties, progressives and globalists who are trying to score political points in its absence What we are seeing instead is just pandemic - driven by worst case scenario predictions from selected scientists who can't tell the difference between real life and mathematical modelling of life, dominating the advice given to, and acted on, by politicians. People are not in fact dropping like flies because of COVID 19 and never were, not even in Wuhan where. if whistleblowers are believed, the real number of deaths was 50 to 100 times higher than official figures released by The People's Republic of China would have us believe. High risk groups are now known, the old especially those with circulatory and respiratory problems, younger people with ongoing health problems, people with diabetes, and obese people. Isolating them while letting low risk groups (and low risk in this instance implies almost zero, get on with the day to day business of earning their living and keeping national economies ticking over. There should be no reason why we cannot just get on with the OLD normal, rather than some new neo - fascist normal in which people can be arrested for not wearing a face mask or for getting closer than six feet from an old aqcuaintance when we stop to chat on meeting in the park. This manufactured crisis has been treated as some medieval heroic quest or even a Herulean labour requiring bravery and honour and intelligence to defeat the monster that threatens the very existence of human civilisation show one's worth and win the hand of the damsel (though if it's only her hand, I'm not interested) but this is not the situation, there is no existential threat, only a minor illness. The effort should focus on protecting those with weak immune systems (sic), and premises such as care homes and hospitals, thus the cost would have been millions, not trillions.

Coronavirus: Fear and Panic and a Globalist Power Grab

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