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More questions about the killing of Jo Cox.

It was obvious right away that the official narrative spun around the killing of UK Labour MP Jo Cox by a deranged constituent in a street in Birstall, a part of her constituency just did not sit right. We reported on discrepancies between what we were being told and what we saw on news video on television. We would not go as far as some online news sites by suggesting that the killing was a complete hoax, but the more the story is questioned, the bigger the holes in it become.

Time to end the Deification of Jo Cox?

So What Exactly Did The Killer Of Jo Cox Shout As He attacked The MP

A diligent researcher in The Netherlands has been chasing down the details; here is his take on the flaws in the story which lead him to suggest the killing was a psy - op staged to influence the outcome of Britain's IN / OUT referendum on continued EU membership.

Jo Cox Killing a hoax - from Beyond The Matrix

NEWS ANALYSIS by Martin Vrijland on June 20, 2016

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Most links on this page to to Dutch language sites - click through on section titles to see photographs.

Who was the man with the binoculars at the cemetery after the murder of Jo Cox

Sometimes there are small details which suggest that there is more going on in an assassination attempt. In the case of the murder of Jo Cox there is a girl that someone has seen with binoculars in a cemetery, reports the Mirror. So are there to observe some remarkable things. We go once they step retrace.

From the picture below to where the murder had taken place, namely at the Market Street in Birstall, as reported by the media. we take Google Street View as well and this appears to be true. What is immediately striking are the cameras on the facade of Kirklees Library and Information Centre. Also two cameras hang on the facade of Café D'Licious on the corner right next to jeweler Armitage. It is clear that the Street View images are old, because the purple bathtub 2nd picture below is not visible yet. You might expect, however, that security camera footage of the street, from these cameras should be known. The question is whether we are going to hear anything here yet.

It's certainly relevant, as witness Hichem Ben Abdallah, 56, would have been in the Google Street View currently being cafe Azzurro under construction. He would have said [quote] "He was kicking her as she was lying on the floor." According to Abdallah would have a bystander interfered with this shovel party, after the 52-year-old suspect, Thomas Mair, a weapon would have drawn and 2x would have shot. There must be so camera images exist that can prove that Abdallah has been sitting in that bar, so at least you can check the credibility of his statement. Hichem Ben Abdallah would have been the man whose media claimed that he had heard calling the perpetrators "Britain First". On the movie in an article of the United Politics, however, we hear him say that he would have never said this. The camera images would have had to commit to Kirklees Library that's right Abdallah's story. The question is whether we will ever get to see images.

Interview with British "truthseeker" about Jo Cox murder: it is a hoax or it's sad but true?

Interview with British "truthseeker" about Jo Cox murder: it is a hoax or it's sad but true?

Today I had a conversation with a British 'truthseeker' about whether the murder of the British MP Jo Cox is a hoax or that it is "sad but true '. For us it is clear. We have discussed in the following YouTube video. Because it was our first conversation I still can not illuminate anything, but I advise you to listen to the conversation. The channel of this YouTuber has named Kim Hoaxashian, which is obviously a comedic reference to Kim Kardashian. That is a sneer at the fact that people nowadays pay more attention to stars who like to show off their ass, then they think about how they are taken into ass by regents and the media.

What I have not yet been addressed in the following discussion, is that the whole campaign was set Brexit possible to play the game of divide and conquer. However, a Brexit or no Brexit allows for the elite namely nothing. They control the entire chessboard. Read my full thoughts on this article. So putting in scene of a murder makes it very possible part of it, because it does not only need to ensure that does not continue a Brexit, but it will always lead to an alibi for spying on the population.

That is the core of every terrorist attack: more security (read 'police state'), by reading with more interceptions of all Internet traffic (read 'full control') and more psychiatrization of people with a different opinion (read "reeducation camps") . So why the "controlled opposition" will never be a hoax as the murder of Jo Cox exposen. For they know that it is part of the preconceived script. They are themselves part of the script. Divide and conquer with the aim of bringing the total under the bondage of the world population. The enemies are not the Muslims, not the Christians, not the people; the enemies are in the government and the elite pharaonic class.

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Adolf Hitler, His Part In Our Downfall

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