The Gathering Storm
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Something has always drawn me back to this part of the coast of Wales. The climate may not be as reliable as coasts around The Mediterranean or The Canary Isles off Africa's Atlantic Coast (as the title of this photograph suggests) but any time I am here the place seems to embrace me . This dramatic sky hanging over a view from the Great Orme headland at Llandudno in North Wales looks towards the Isle of Angelsey aka Mona (ynis Mon) and the Snowdonia National Park.

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Photo source Ian R Thorpe, Greenteeth Multi Media

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This is not a tourist guide, we do not expect people to rush off and book a trip to the locations featured. Thhe idea is to highlight the beauty and benevolent ambience to be found in very ordinary places. Look at these examples and you should easily learn how to find places close to your home where you can take a little time to simply be.

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View from Great Orme headland, Llandudno, North Wales

view from great orme, llandudno, north wales
Gathering Storm
This view of a summer storm building itself to a climax was taken from the Great Orme, a headland at the west end of the small resort toen Llandudno, North Wales. We are looking across Conwy Bay, about a mile to the south is the esturay of the River Conwy, guarded by the great castle built by King Edward 1. The low lying land to the west is the Isle of Angelsey (Ynis Mon in Welsh or Mona to The Romans. It was there the Druids took refuge against the advancing Imperial army according to Roman scibes. It is more likely the Druids scattered among the hills and remote valleys of Wales and North West England.

A few hundred yards behind where the camera is positioned there is a visitor centre from where tours of the Broze Age mine workings that honeycomb the Great Orme can be joined. The whole area is littered with ancient relics which suggests there was a significant Bronze Age settlement here. A day spent wandering on Great Orme is a rewarding experience. If you are not an energetic type a tramway or cable car offer easy ways to the top, or you can drive as I did being a non walker for medical reasons.


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