The Labyrinth's refuge for poets and rhymers featuring poetry by the finest writers to be found on the web. Many of these poets are among the most widely read contemporary authors of verse in their own language. All styles are represented. A person willing to browse may find dramatic realists, lyric stylists, free verse modernists, formal rhyme, sonnets, haiku and more - and subject matter covering almost everything in human experience. Many poems are presented with video or audio performance for added enjoyment. For visitors with well defined tastes in reading our menus attempt to categorize the available work to help individuals quickly find poetry that appeals to them
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FOOLS AND DREAMERS is the refuge the Labyrinth provides for poets. Spare a thought and a few moments for these poor lost souls, their problem is that the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus dubbed them "the first informers of humankind" (well he actually said mankind but we are gender inclusive here) and since then they have believed their own publicity. We at Greenteeth are stuck with poetry of course because our CEO is a poet himself. Still, it has to be said that when you get into this section the poets here, all posting by invitation, aren't bad at all. And of course greenteth is about readers not writers so their are audio and video presentations to enhance your enjoyment and we encourage introductory notes as the thing with poets is they spend their lives in dreaming spires so it is sometimes herd to know what they are on about.

Give our poets a go, you might find they offer a new avenue of pleasure.You will find as well as pages for each of our featured poets and a menu of Selected Poems from guests who do not contribute so frequently, a section devoted to comic verse another titled All Time Greats in which our contributors offer some of their personal favourites from the past masters. We also have articles on the enjoyment of poetry explainging techniques and tricks of the trade for the benefit of both readers and writers.

As well as exploring the work of your favourites from the Featured Writers section, take a little wander around the categorised menus to look at poems on many topics, love, death, life and all the other usual suspects are here, plus poems, rhymes and verses on war, nature, climate change and the environment, faith and spirituality (but no religion, we do not allow preaching). In Poets Cornered we have a special section for comic verse while performance poets are well represented in the audio section and those adventurous types who are expereimenting in multi media can place their work in the video and multi media categories.

Poetry is not all boring you know, Come on, take a look. You may be surprised.

A Two Faced Poet
Janet Caldwell
Helga Ross
Ian R Thorpe
Comic Verse
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