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Helga Ross
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Canadian writer and nature lover Helga Ross brings stylish and sophisticated writing, a love of the nature and a gentle touch to her poems, stories and articles. Explore Helga in her "Featured Writer menu here or find he in many of our general menus.
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Meet Helga Ross

Leading-edge Baby Boomer pursues her dreams, embarks on a new beginning. Take a trip with her to Passion's Playground....

Helga loves the well-written word and loves to write her own; derives great pleasure from great literature, art and life, and the great outdoors. Everything old is new again--she has just moved back to her old home town after half a lifetime--for a new start.

"You can't go home again" so they say -- She shall see.

Helga expresses herself here at AD through an eclectic writing repertoire of material, style and form.
2004, however, was her literary turning point: She's 'discovered' poetry in a big way.
Now, poetry is her passion and focus; keen on the Sonnet format, in particular, but not exclusively.

For Helga, the theme is 'Passion' in the broadest sense.

She believes and illustrates in her writing: "The creative mind plays with the objects it loves". - Carl Jung

Her poetic voice is playful, provocative, uplifting. Her serious pieces conclude on a positive note; reflect her approach to life.

"Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Write only what you love, and love what you write. The key word is love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to live for." — Ray Bradbury On the key to success The serious side:

Words Matter

Words lend us powers to wound and repair,
they’re our weapons to weigh when we engage;
winnow a whine; speak with voice of the sage;
fine wine our linguistic grapes, we who care.
Let us speak for those who cannot speak; dare
revive lives forestalled and hopes failed; our rage
and pain be tools we target to assuage
those whose suffering through serving we share.
They’d have made the music, missed beats we miss;
ours to write the dance, undying fashion,
inscribe the legacy their loss demands.
So work the word's irresistible kiss;
wound's rapier thrust; whisper's compassion:
Parry the point as the conscience commands.

© Helga Ross 2004, 2006

The light side:

"I have something to say..."

I'm No Critic - I Script!

Blather has us in a dither these days
as miseries pile up in syllables
and bleat and prattle, moan and babble pays:
Craft is nonsense non-sentence canticles!
Do we fabricate for dubious fame?
Script for the love of it; spoil the words knit
spinning the times in a state-of-mind game?
I’ll scratch my itch my way - Will you acquit?
I have something to say, let it find me,
read your mind, so we’ll sound right when you hear,
while pleasing your ears will ply fantasy;
you’ll care what I say because I’m sincere.
I write to be read, not just for today-–
But, long gone, known that I’ve been as I say.

© Helga Ross 2003, 2006

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