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New From Control Freak Business, Chip and Pill Spying

by Ian R Thorpe
We have reported on plans to implant RFID chips in your head, to make you unknowinglt ingest nanosensors capable of interfacing with computers, now we bring news of the micro chip in a pill. Yes Aldous Huxley's Brave New Workd is here, or if not actually here yet, only a couple of stops away and due to arrive on time.
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Chip And Pill, The New Technology For Corporate - Government Spying

In a move that seems eerily reminiscent of the society created by The Controllers in Aldous Huxley's novel 'Brave New World', Proteus Digital Health has obtained approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to manufacture and supply for use on the general public a micro-chipped pill. Proteus have been seeking FDA approval for their technology since 2008. In the exuberantly verbose language of corporate hustlers Proteus admit to having worked with the agency to ‘determine the regulatory pathway for this new technology.’ The application for a licence was granted very recently ‘in accordance with the de novo provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for low-risk devices that have no predicate on the market.’

Details given in press releases concerning the micro-chip pill make it seem, like all new medical advances, a great breakthrough in the fight to preserve the health and wellbeing of patients, there are however many industry watcher with concerns that this technology will be used for more nefarious reasons.

Proteus Digital Health (the corporation formerly known as Proteus Biomedical)has been given licence by the American government's Food and Drug regulator to put into your body a micro-chipped pill for purposes of data gathering. What other goal can there be? By the time you visit the doctor with a set of symptoms, any problems should be well advanced enough for a competent doctor to give an accurate diagnosis. But is there more to the data gathering that simply informing health professionals who are treating a current problem. We have heard from government officials and academics of schemes that involve denying treatment to those who smoke, drink, eat unhealthily, do not exercise or refuse to conform in other ways.

Swallowing one of these pills which are about the size of a grain of rice may pose no physical risk it raises some big important ethical issues and is certainly a violation of two human rights defined under the Geneva convention. Therefore the pill could only be administered with informed consent which would have to include full details of what data collected by the pill would be used for, how long it would be held and what databases it would be included in. Anything less would sip patients of the right to privacy. It also lends credibility to other 'conspiracy theories' about government plans to micro-chip individuals in order to control the masses.

Proteus official data states, “this pill will contain a tiny sensor that can communicate, via our digital health feedback system, vital information about your medication-taking behaviors and how your body is responding. The whole point of the pill is to verify patient compliance with taking their prescribed medicines." In other words the main purpose of the chipped pill is to ensure we are compliantly following orders . Now to put that in perspective, there have been several proposals from UK leaders (during the Labour government) and the Commisioners of the European Union to make the taking of certain drugs mandatory. Statins, the (alleged) cholesterol lowering drugs are one well known case. Everybody over fifty would under the legislation have had to take a daily dose of statins whether their cholesterol level was high, low or about right.

Apart from the human rights violations, if you want to understand the sheer stupidity of such a policy, ask anyone prescribed statins by their doctor about the side effects. you will find most people simply refused to take the drug because its effects were so debilitating.

GreenMedInfo points out, there is a huge market in making sure we stay compliant in our drug taking. according to their figures an 18% improvement in ‘following doctors orders’ would put an additional $8000 per patient per year into the coffers of the drug manufacturers. Strangely, but perhaps significantly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was listed as a partner on the Proteus Digital Health website, but since controversies emerged about the true aims of the Gates Foundation vaccination programmes their charity's name has been removed. A list of Proteus business partners that have helped Proteus raise more than $170 million for just this type of research still read like a roll call of Black Hat Healthcare however.

Along with the chip and pill system the company has developed a biometric sensor patch that attaches to the body like a band aid and can send information to a smart phone app. The patch records when a pill is ingested and even keeps track of sleep patterns and physical activity levels. Again a tool for enforcing compliance concealed in the guise of caring for patients. Mandatory microchipping has been present in the Obama health bill according to the administrations critics but is disguised by ambiguous language. In Brave New World written in 1932, Aldous Huxley warned us of scientific dictatorship in his book Brave New World. Two American Presidents, one Republican, one Democrat, Eisenhower and JFK echoed the warning. And some of us have been shouting it from the rooftops for more than ten years. Are you ready to start listening yet?


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