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Pancake Girl

Janet Caldwell

All lives have ups and downs, for some it is a gentle rise and fall, for others life is more like a roller coaster ride, rising to incredible highs before plunging to abyssal lows. No wonder they call it bipolar disorder. It is treatable of course, but do the drugs strip away something vital while levelling the peaks and troughs.

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Pancake Girl

I am so flat now,
pressed like a cotton sheet,
not a fold to smooth out,
securely stretched and neat.
My walls caved in too,
I didn't seem to mind,
not thinking at all
I could be deaf dumb and blind.
My smile, wavy line,
stuck like a mad woman's
turning on a thin dime.
Jesters send a summons,
they inquire why?
I tell them I don't know,
brain seems to malfunction.
It's fine really, go just go
I always bounce back.
Why are you now kneeling?
Counting the tile cracks
with no stress I see
tiny beings crawling,
struggling to live so free.
My tears are not falling
I have no life force,
no passion, no measure,
my soul is dry and coarse.
Lacking simple pleasures
I thought I'd let you in
a non manic mindset.
Now you know where I've been
Will you please forget it?


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