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Is Technology Killing Us? Electrosensitivity, the 21st century disease

by Ian R Thorpe
Is modern life making us ill? Yes, say those who suffer from electrosensitivity. Are they cranks, or should we all be throwing away our mobile phones? Well that might be a bit extreme, but maybe we should be thinking about how we use all our wireless gadgets.
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Is Technology Killing Us? Electrosensitivity, the 21st century disease

by Ian R Thorpe

Tim Hallam, does not wear a tinfoil hat. Tim sleeps in a custom-made silver-coated sleeping bag however. It helps block out electromagnetic fields.

A tall enough gangly man he sleeps in a small bedroom that sems as if it was designed for a doll's house. The narrow bed is covered with a silver mosquito net, except protection from malaria carrying mosquitos is not a high priority in Britain and why would such a net be made of a fine metal mesh? Even stranger the door and the ceiling are lined with tinfoil. There is also a layer of conductive foil beneath the wallpaper and under the wood-effect flooring. He says, "The room is completely insulated; the edges are sealed with aluminium tape and connected with conducting tape The whole room is a Faraday cage. Grounding helps with the low frequencies radiation, apparently. The high frequencies just bounce off the outside."

Now many readers who are naive enough to think the government is their friend and would never tell them anything that is not absolutely true will probably have decided Tim is one of those nutty conspiracy theorists who believes evil forces are beaming electronic signals into our brains so that they may control our thoughts.

In fact Tim is trying to escape atmospheric manmade radiation caused by Wi-Fi, phone signals, radio, even TV screens and fluorescent bulbs because he suffers from a condition known as electrosensitivity. He reckons to have spent about £1,000 on insulation, taking photographs at every stage to share with others via ElectroSensitivity UK, the society for sufferers. He found the whole process stressful, especially after a summer sleeping in the garden of his shared house in Leamington Spa to escape a new flatmate's powerful Wi-Fi router. How did he feel about the flatmate at the time? "Oh, I hated him. It wasn't really him, of course. But I was so angry." Among the symptoms Tim experiences – headaches, muscular pain, dry eyes – there are memory lapses and irritability. He now says his bed is the single most important thing he owns. "I climb in and zip it up so I'm completely sealed. Inside, I sleep extremely well. Without it, my sleep is fragmented, and without sleep, then lots of other things go wrong."

The effectiveness of the tinfoil as an insulator is surprising, using a radiation detector called Elektrosmog, manufactured in Germany Tim likes to show people the difference in radiation levels in his room with the door open and then closed. Once the door is shut the room is radiation free.

A 1970s BBC science-fiction serial called The Changes, imagined a future after humans became allergic to electricity. Could it be coming true? High voltage overhead cables were depicted as the greatest danger. This was not entirely a fiction, since the 1960s, low frequency radiation from overhead cables had been associated in many studies - see for yourself [ here ] and [ here ] and [ here ] or do a little research of your own, try searching with with the phrase "overhead cables" and add keywords like illness, cancer, "harmful effects". The idea that electromagnetic fields affect our health took root in the 1960s. A US doctor named Robert O Becker began to campaign against high voltage overhead power lines, appearing on the US TV show 60 Minutes to talk about his concerns. Professor Andrew Marino, now of Louisiana State University, was Becker's lab partner. Marino says, "He's the reason nobody wants to live near power lines."

Naturally the Science Inquisition denounced him as a heretic and produced hundreds of research papers funded by corporate money to refute his claims. Their studies were carried out over too short a period, a short, sharp burst of intense radiation is probably less harmful than prolonged exposure to low levels of radiation (How a banana a day is more harmful that Fukushima nuclear power station disaster)and as usual ingored the word that invalidates so much modern scientific research, susceptibility. Different people have widely diverse levels of tolerance.

If electromagnetic radiation is dangerous to humans (nobody would claim radiation from nulclear waste of fall out from a nuclear weapon is safe and basically it's the same stuff), there are far more risks now than 40 years ago, thanks to the telecommunications industry. More than a billion people worldwide own mobile phones. In the UK, there are more mobile contracts than people. The new 4G spectrum will cover 98% of the country, erasing all but the most remote "not spots".

Dr Mireille Toledano runs Cosmos, a 30-year, five-nation study into the effects of telecoms radiation on humans. She knows how rapidly things are changing. In 2000, a 10-year study into mobile phones and brain tumours pegged heavy use at 30 minutes a day. In the UK, Toledano says, "heavy use is now defined at 86 minutes a day; 30 minutes is in the median range. Across the whole [international Cosmos study], the top 10% of users have now clocked up 4,160 or more hours."

The earlier study found no evidence linking phone use and cancer in the short term, yet as our love affair with technology keeps deepening, anxieties grow. Two years ago, the European Assembly passed Resolution 1815, which, among other things, calls for restrictions on Wi-Fi in schools and the use of mobile phones by children. The World Health Organisation has classified electromagnetic fields of the kind used in mobile telephony as Group 2b carcinogens – that is, as possibly cancerous.

The issue of electromagnetic sensitivity is highly political. It places sufferers and the general public who may not yet be suffering actual harm on one side of a battle line while on the other side are big business that profit from promoting the use of technology and the governments that profit from leasing wavelengths. The phrase, " canaries in the coal mine" describes the situation of the public, even if we choose not to use a mobile phone or to shun wi fi in our homes (old fashioned copper cable is highly efective) electrosensitivity sufferers, with a radpid increase in their numbers to inform them, believe we are approaching a tipping point. Tim Hallam worries about the effects of electromagnetic fields on the most vulnerable: on his sister's young family; on children in schools bathed in Wi-Fi rays; or old people in sheltered accommodation, each with their own internet router. "I think it's affecting everyone's cells. There are test-tube experiments which show it damages DNA and affects the blood-brain barrier. I think there's going to be a surge in the people who are sensitive in years to come."

Yet electro hypersensitivity syndrome is controversial. Sweden recognises EHS as a "functional impairment", or disability, but it is the patients, not doctors, who make the diagnosis. The fact is, everyone who suffers from EHS is self-diagnosed – and each has their own story to explain the cause of their problems. This is partly because as with so many things in modern life, many factors could be at work and partly because The Science Inquisition will launch a witch hunt against anybody they can exert influence over who dares to challenge the usual "nothing to worry about, it's just nutty conspiracy theorists" delection of serious debate.

Silicon Valley Business Model Threatened As Wireless Carriers Start Blocking Online Ads
It looks like the founding hippy's insane business polan for the internet, get rich by giving stuff away, is finally about to foll apart. Typoically of the Californin dope head culture of Silicon Valley, the tech companies were stealing other peoples' resources to make their ad revenue.

Not Only Do Mobile Phones Cook Your Brain, They Cook Men’s Bollocks Too. Today’s news from the technology department will be of far more concern to men, particularly the type of men who don’t think having their heads fried is much of a problem because they keep their brains elsewhere, as the women in our lives are fond of telling us.

City of Berkeley to require cellphone sellers to warn of possible radiation risks
One of the fist themes of this blog was that mobile phones (and wi-fi etc.) do pose a risk to health. Here's the latest admission that the sceptics voices were right, from The Guardian

Wifi affects human memory
People are facing a host of illnesses ranging from brain tumors and leukemia to poor memory and concentration as they become increasingly engulfed by an “electrosmog” as Wi-Fi networks expand globally, scientists in Scandinavia have warned.
The team of experts report that electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobiles, wireless LANs etc. can influence human blood circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance and other bodily functions.

UK Health Watchdog: Studies Show Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumours Over the past last two years, following publication of metastudies like World Health Organisation's International Agency For Research On Cancer report on the effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves, there is new evidence that mobile phones use can be dangerous to our health. A less technical summary of that is available from Cancer Research UK. Wireless phones, even those DECT systems you use with your landline so you can wander around with the handset, emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when in use...

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French Woman Wins Disability For Sensitivity To Electronics

In recent years there have been growing fears towards the possible side effects of some electromagnetic waves, such as cell phone radiation and WiFi. Even the World Health Organization has classified cell phones and WiFi signals as “possible carcinogens.” To date however ...

More Emerging Truth On The Dangers Of WiFi
Bit by bit the truth about health risks related to WiFi wireless internet and cellular telephony emerges into the public domain. DONT PANIC! The risks are easily minimised for adults, children are more susceptible. Inform yourself and control your technology rather than letting it control you.

Dangerous Wi - Fi? Why Lie When The Profiteers Have Political Control Freaks And Corupt Media On Their Side
Last week in The Independent another scheme to use technology as a means of stripping away our individual liberty and using internet technology was reported with the usual enthusiasm by another uncritical, science - worshipping , National Socialist journalist.

The WiFi revolution that could take traffic off our roads and control of our lives away from us
The science and technology worshippers are getting crazier the nearer they feel they are to being able to turn us into humandroids, unthinking automatons controlled by central computers. Here's a report on their latest Dr. Evil style insanity; Using the internet to control our lives. You are a human being, you don't need an iPhone or an X Box to think for you.

Cell Phones, Wi Fi put children and pregnancies at risk
You probably didn't hear it here first but we have been telling you long enough that wireless and microwave technologies carried many risks that greedy coprporations were hiring scientists to sweep under the carpet, (science was always fascism's whore. Here's the latest instalment of the corporate irresponsibility horror story. Are you ready to believe us yet?

It's Official: Mobile Phones do cause cancerFor years The Daily Stirrer has been arguing against the "scientific concensus that mobile phones can cause health problems, brain tumours to be specific. As our founder Ian worked in the information and communications technology industry he was well placed to know there is a risk, workers would not be given health warnings if there wasn't. Now a court case in Italy has exposed that scientific concensus as another academic / big money conspiracy. No Cure For CancerForty years ago, when I was an idealistic young computer programmer / operator, while I foresaw a day when computer controlled processes would free humans from the drudgery of work I had the good sense to scoff at those who rarely ventured off the university campus to sample life in the real world and who thus were not ...

Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects Of VaccinesA few years ago anybody who questioned vaccines, whether the notorious MMR jab, swine flu vaccine, the HPV jab or the government's plans to make vaccination compulsory by law was subjected to a witch hunt. Recently U.S. courts and courts in Europe have awareded multi million dollar / pound settlements to those damaged by the MMR vaccine. Now we learn that several governments have admitted vaccines can have very serious side effects.

Google Evil Empire In New Privacy ViolationOnce again the neo-Nazi nerds at Google are in trouble for playing fast and loose with our privacy. Google have bypassed browser privacy setting to track our movements on the web, the bettrer to target us with ads for poxy shite no sane person would buy. What is it these arseholes find difficult to understand about the idea that in the real world or cyberspace same rules apply ...
Google Has Comptely Forgotten 'Don't Be Evil' As The World Domination Agend Gathers PaceAt last Google has been caught stealing information from a business rival rather than private induviduals. Will people now wise up to these scumsucking pirates of the internet search engine world.
Slaves Of The MachineSome say technology is the new magic and are willing to believe every new gadget launched improves beyond recognition the lives of those who own one. Others say we are becoming slaves to our machines and losing the ability to think for ourselves as well as our social lives and cultural bonds.
Smarphone - The Cyber-crime perpetrator in your pocket.The world is facing a wave of cybercrime and the likely perpetrator is right in your pocket. Think twice before you trust personal stuff to your smartphone, it is no more secure than a house with no Ian R Thorpe.

A Computer That Thinks?Again, prompted by scientists hyperbolic claims, the question of will computers ever be able to think like humans is raised. Technology nerds long for the advent artificial intelligence and the thinking computer but as usual they have not thought through the likely consequences.
Human Meat found in food intended for human consumption
No, it isn't a belated follow up to those horsemeat in supermarket burgers stories but it will make you think twice before yopu eat any meat product. The horse meat fiasco has prompted health authorities around the world to look a bit more deeply into what else might finding its way into foods we causually pick up ...

A Banana A Day Is More Dangerous Than Fukushima There's a lot of it about
New World Order
Nanny State
Sciene and technology
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