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The Agenda: How An International Elite Are Destroying Sovereign Nations

by Ian R Thorpe There is a lot of talk about 'The New World Order' mostly tongue in chek on this site we must say. But that does not mean there is nothing to be concerned about in the emergence of a global elite and their agenda for establishing a world government with integrated finance, energy, industrial and agricultural policies and global law and taxes ... Contact us:

The Agenda: How An International Elite Are Destroying Sovereign Nations

by Ian R Thorpe

Part 1

When UK foreign secretary William Hague, recently threatened to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrest Julian Assange, it was an example of the contempt for national sovereignty that Western nations have repeatedly shown since the fall of the Soviet Union. There are many examples of this contempt, from invading countries to bring about regime change, to the unelected officials of the European Union, United Nations and the IMF bullying Greece into sacrificing itself on the altar of the single European currency to protect the interests of the elite which has invested heavily in expanding the EU and creating a pan European federal superstate. In every case, the core United Nations principles of national self-determination and of democratic sovereignty, once championed by Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill and Lenin alike, are pudhed aside in the stampede towards creation of a global government.

In his book The Significance of Borders controversial Dutch columnist Thierry Baudet’s offers a rare counter to such views. Baudet, a lawyer and historian at the University of Leiden, argues that representative government and the rule of law is impossible without the nation state. But if we look at what is happening around the world, the sovereign nation is under attack from two directions.

First it is under attack from supranationalism, that is, from institutions like the European Court of Hum an Rights, the UN Security Council, and, most dramatically, the European Union to those world leaders and heads of international bureaucracies who have used G20 meetings climate conferences and even the London Olympic games, occasions on which the attention of the media is focused, to talk about the need for global government, global taxes and a global ecoomy . While nations retain sovereignty over their currency, foreign policy and domestic laws at a formal level, increasing degrees of ‘material sovereignty’ have been acquired by supranational organisations. Baudet argues, for instance, that the official aim of the EU ‘is the negation of the concept of statehood’, because the nation state is held responsible, most notably by German theorists, for the great wars of the twentieth century.

The EU’s immanent federalist logic leads to the necessary extension of its bureaucratic power and plans for taking more and more countries into its orbit from the basket cases of eastern Europe to the tribalistic failed states of north and east Africa.

Take as an illustration of the attack on the democratic basis of national sovereignty the contempt in which the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) holds Britain for denying convicted prisoners the right to vote: this despite the fact that the UK's elected parliament voted 234 votes to 22 against the proposal. It seems the bureaucrats of the ECHR are happy to demand Britain change laws upheld by its own democracy.

Second, national autonomy is also under attack from behind. Multiculturalism and its official support, legal pluralism ( the application of the law with cultural ‘sensitivity’ rather than justly with all being equal before the law). Secondly, from cultural diversity, which rejects the idea of a British or a Dutch identity in favour of overlapping multiple, labels associated with social demographics, lightly held, identities. Not British Culture or German culture buy Gay culture, Black culture or metropolitian culture.

Baudet provides as an example of how this globalist thinking is embedded in the elite the Dutch crown princess, Máxima, who declared in 2007 that ‘the Dutch identity does not exist’, that the world has ‘open borders’ and that ‘it is not either-or. But and-and.’ When royalty – once the very symbol of national sovereignty – refuses to discriminate between citizens and outsiders, then even the most ardent internationalist or socialist might begin to smell a rat. What is going on is nothing to do with equality and everything to do with inequality and those who style themselves “progressive liberals” and voluntarily promote this agenda are nothing more than useful idiots, gullible dupes prepared to give away their own freedom to think for themselves and act independently in what they believe to be their own interests in exchange for peer group approval and an occasional pat on the head from members of the elite.

As Baudet puts it,,without a community of interest, a ‘we’, there is nothing. If we are not British, American, Dutch etc. what are we, who are we? Will we all, like those pathetic emotional retards of the left, be reduced to jumping on the bandwagon of every politically correct cause in a vain attempt to find an identity for outselves? It is worth noting that the ECHR outlaws ‘discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status’. Everyone must be the same, not in the sense of being treated equally but in that we are not allowed to identify ourselves as English, Catholic, Socialist, Conservative,Muslim Jewish, homeowner, husband, wife or Londoner because to do so might offend somebody.

Baudet is correct to point out that such a widely drawn attack on discrimination ‘must necessarily implicate the citizens’ indifference towards those criteria’. Any form of particularity, for example nationality, will be abolished in the name of a universal cobformity. Though the international eliteists claim the effect will be to widen ‘minds and sympathies’ anyone who has read history will know a far more likely, almost inevitable in fact, outcome will be a return to tribalism as has happened in the Balkans after the breakup of Yugoslavia, in various former Soviet republics, most notably those in the Caucasus and in the synthetic political nations created by former colonial powers in Africa and the middle east.

This in turn makes the governing authority so remote from the individual and so removes us from the collective identity that shapes our communities there is a breakdown of law and order. Once the law becomes ‘no longer “ours” or “from within”, but from “theirs” from “out there”, the property of a faceless and anonymous “them” our responsibility to our fellow creatures is so eroded and our capacity to decide for ourselves (however we constitute that ‘we’) is gone, both at the level of the local community, historically the basis for constituting a self-governing ‘we’, and at the level of the individual citizen.

It is difficult to overstate the degree to which the dismantling of the sovereign nation is actually a project of unelected international elites

The case of Hungary is a good example of how these two trends – the supranational and the multicultural – come together to defeat democracy and sovereignty. By backing the corrupt socialist government of Ferenc Gyurcsany against the right-wing Fidesz and Jobbik parties in 2010, the EU robbed the elected assembly of legitimacy and actually promoted the kind nationalism its act of tyranny claimed to be halting. The intervention of the supranational elite and their tame bureaucrats didn’t only fan the flames of civil unrest, but also added fuel to the fire by branding Hungary a savage throwback to darker times. Most disturbingly, EU criticisms of Hungary ignore the fact that Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz government (whether you like their politics or not) was freely elected with a massive majority.

The EU has since done similar things in Greece and Italy, on the pretext of acting to save the single currency (which is doomed anyway) the elitists by threatening financial sanctions forced elected governments to step down and replaced the outgoing leaders with unelected bureaucrats.

The nation is not being attacked from without so much as from within, wherever we are in the free world, our National politicians have long sought refuge from their own responsibility to make and implement policy in the UN and it's economic development agencies, the IMF, the World Bank, NATO and regional organisations like the EU. For British politicians, blaming Europe has always been a useful way of passing the buck for unpopular decisions. Yet in hiding behind the EU or the ECHR, national politicians reveal the very same contempt for sovereign democracy of which they accuse Brussels, the UN and the IMF.


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