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Science and Technology is not a collection of work lauding all things scientific but is somewhere you will find objective and independent writing on technologies including sustainable power generation, internet developments, IT hardware, transport technology, food production and all areas of research and development while articles on natural sciences will set out to challege orthodox thinking. If you are one of those people who is trying to establish science as a rival to religion you will not feel at home here but if you like to lok at the latest developments from a wide perspective you will be in your element.

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I Am Not A Socialist For The Same Reasons I Am Not An CreationisnEvery time I see an article here on evolution by Darwinian natural selection, though I might read it I am usually reluctant to comment. This is partly because I have found that most people who have noticed my low opinion of Barack Obama both as a politician and a human being and have attacked me for ...
New Report That Proving The Planet Is Not Warming Proves The Planet Is Warming Say Climate Scientists
Fish Science Shows They're Smarter Than You Think. Recently we have reported extensively on mouse related science involving the use of snacks to get mice to behave in ways that appear intelligent to scientists. We have confined ourselves to reporting projects involving mice and snacks only while important work has been going on involving crocodiles and the science of snacks.

Frightening Lack Of Imagination And Merit
by Ian R Thorpe
14 Jan 2010

While we old dinosaurs at Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer grump and grumble about bogus science (stopping mice getting alzheimers disease by giving them mobile phones for example) in fact the creation of useless science projects is linked to the work of another government department that is in the forefront of creating jobs to drive the economic recovery, the Ministry of DOISBUM...

MENU: The Challenge Of Climate Change

(Special Feature)
The Earth's climate is changing but while scientists cannot agree on whether the change is part of an unavoidable natural cycle or entirely due to human actions all the solutions put forward appear to be nothing more than amateurish meddling or cynical opportunism.

Here we look at the possible extent to which climate change will affect us, possible solutions and their chance of success and also dare to discuss aspects of the problem the politically correct and financially sensitive mainstream media are afraid to address. We asses the proposed "new technologies" objectively and consider which are just corporate window dressing, which really have something to offer and which are attempts to cash in on "catastrophe capitalism. Click the button to open the scrolling menu in a new window.

8 January '10. Science - Who To Believe We are all aware of how the climate change scientists kept insisting in response to anybody who pointed out theor sums did not add up that "the science is settled", resistance is futile. It has had theeffect of making most people a lot more sceptial about science and...

At Last The Government Gets It, We Need New Nuclear Power Stations
After thirty years of dithering, listening to know -nothing scientists and do nothing wierdie-beardies, short-termism and pandering to the profit motive our ruers have finally accepted we ned to build nuclear power stations to ensure supplies of reasonably clean electricity for the future.

Climate Change Machine - A Stick With Which To Beat Dick
Having been a climate change campaigner or over 30 years Ian R Thorpe finds himself increasingly sceptical of the schemes of scientists and self aggrandizing politicians and businessmen to find a quick fix for the problem. Read a demolition of one self promoting quick buck merchant.
Obama's Climate Change Folly
Obama's climate change bill is so loony it makes even his insane financial policy look like the work of a competent government. If the world's future is in the hands of politicians and scientists is there any hope at all for saving civilisation?
The Great Climate Change Science Scam
by Ian R. Thorpe

I have been campaigning about climate change for over thirty years. Now, the more I read of efforts by governments, academics and corporate interests to come up with a quick fix the more I am convinced they are working a scam to make quick, easy money. For decades the only people concerned about the environment were considered cranks, hippies, crusties, crackpots and Latest Post:
V2G, Technology You Can't Believe In

Vehicle to Grid ( V2G), the new idea for clean, pollution free cars. Probably the craziest and most ueseless idea yet from the "Let's make a quick buck out of climate change" fear and panic industry...

MENU:The Machines Are Taking Over - Or Are They?

The Machines Are Taking Over.
For over two decades nerdy research and development type people have been telling us Artificial Inteligence, machines that can think, are just around the corner. When put to the test though computers are no nearer being able to think now than they ever were, a computer may be able to parse the information in vast databases much more quickly than the human mind but there is a lot more to thought and reason than merely filtering information. So it looks more likely that scientists will achieve their aims by radically redefining what we mean by intelligence than by creating the thinking computer. but if the next phase in human evolution means being turned into computers by scientists for the benefit of nerds on a world domination trip will people offer themselves willingly to be stripped of everything that makes being human so great.

A Fit And Proper Person
by ianrthorpe

The dark forces of football oligarchy are ganging up on little Chester City but it looks like one rule for the minnows, another for the big clubs. The FA have ordered Stephen Vaughan, Chester’s owner and main financial prop to sell his shareholding because he is not a “fit and proper person” to be...READ ALL A Fit And Proper Person

Presidential Pardon For The A Team?
In a little reported incident in 2007, in odrer to stop the costs of the Iraq war running out of control President Bush offered a full pardon to The A Team if they could get some of the combat vehicles wrecked by roadside bombs back into action.
Science - A Career For Tossers
Science is a career for tossers. That sounds like a sweeping generalisation so let's clarify. Nothing wrongs with physics, chemistry or biology, stuff like oceanography, electronics, hydraulics, applied sciences, they're good too. When people tell you they are scientists though its too vague. It usually means they are irritating little droids who go around with clipboards asking stupid questions.

Goodbye Analogue, hello BskyB. The Digital TV Scam
The great digital television switchover is well under way but do we really need digital TV and as usual should we not be asking cui bono? Who benefits. Digital is an inferior technology for all but cable TV and do we really need 200 channels all of which are showing pure shite and 195 of which show shite we have seen before?

A-level pass? Computer Says No
What happened when a computer programme was set to marking English A - level examination papers? Well it wasn't literature.

Is The Internet Making Us All Stupid.
The more gullible and wide eyed among academics like to burble ecstatically about how the internet has ushered in a new age of creativity. We have to wonder just how much time these self styled experts have spent surfing scial networking sites
Web Induced Dementia
In most civilised societies there are laws governing what outrageous claims advertisers can make for their products. This does not apply on the web it seems, where 'revolutionary new world changing technology' means 'not fit for purpose'

Who Needs HDTV
Do you ever wonder why you bought all your stuff? Do you really need a new cellphone every two years and how many times have you replaced a perfectly good computer because something new had come of the market. Technology is the biggest scam ever. For example, why do we need HDTV?

The Only Reason You Will Ever Need To Hate The Toyota Prius...
by Ian R Thorpe

What is it that makes Ian R Thorpe hate the Toyota Prius. Is it the smug, self righteous bastards that drive them, the dubious statistics used to establish the green credentials of the car, the fact they look like a mororised turd or something else? Click on the button to find out

The Great Internet Scam An examination of the way the internet and the world wide web have been exploited by commercial interests to turn users into a cash cow for profiteers. Originally intended to be a global resource for learning, the distribution of information and a communication tool for individuals, because there was no proper regulation the web has turned into a haven for thieves, con artists and porn merchants while its potential for good is pushed to the margins.

MENU: Life, The Universe and Everything

Have you ever stood at the top of a hill on a clear night, looked up at the stars and wondred "what are we doing, where are we going, what's it all about and is there any point to human existance. If you have and these questions trouble you, take our advice: it's eff all to do with you so stop worrying. Philosophers have pondered the meaning of live since the dawn of civilisation while religion has tried to explain our existance through divine mysteries. More recently science has tried (and failed) to find an equation or algorithm that expresses mathematically the unknowable answers to questions that defy words. Here Greenteeth brings you the thoughts of writers on these topics, sometimes funny, often thought provoking but all delivered in accessible language rather than pages and pages of equations not fully understood even by the people who devised them.
Latest post: Stupid Evolution Flat Pack World, Flat Pack Life
KEYWORDS: flat pack,china,tractor,humour,humor,satire,technology

The unholy alliance of technology and consumerism has brought us many material wonders. It is difficult to see though how a flat pack tractor will find its niche in the agricultural equipment market which it dominated by mechanical engineering companies or in the consumer tat market dominated by Swedish vendors who sell to people with no money, no taste or both.

Strewth, the Wallabies Have been At The Opium Crop
KEYWORDS: opium,drugs,australia,tasmania,crop circles,humour,humor,satire,technology

The Australian Island of Tasmania is the largest grower of legally licences opium poppies in the world. But strange things have been happening, crop circles have appeared in the poppy fields. And this has produced a new theory of how crop circles are made.

MMR Vaccine Scandal Will Not Go Away

It is the medical scandal that refuses to go away. Since its introduction controversy has surrounded the MMR vaccine because in a small number - and we must stress, a small number - of cases children develop serious and permanent side effects after reveiving the vaccine...

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