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Conspiracy Theorist? BBC Thought Police Attack Free Speech

by Arthur Foxake
Not so long ago we reported that according to recent research conspiracy theorists are perfectly sane, rational, critical thonkers, old fashioned sceptics (rather than skeptics who only doubt anything tha challenges official dogma. Now the BBC, one Britain's bastion of fair and balanced news reporting and analysis has published a rabid attack on "conspiracy theorists." Are they worried that their propaganda broadcasts aren't getting as many views as truth tellers on You Tube?

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Conspiracy Theorist? BBC Thought Police Attack Free Speech

Arthur Foxake

conspiracy theory

‘The lies, diversions, cover - ups and evasions are not working as well as they did a while ago. People are tired of patronising, condescending, self appointed elitists deceiving them and are getting very angry about the growing gap between the elitists self righteous belief that African problems, "equality" and gay rights are more important issues for our government than debt, joblessness and immigration.

These new elitists seem to believe the ordinary voters who live in the real world and face real problems with fortitude and stoicism every day are actually childlike creatures who need to be protected from reality. In fact it is the elitists who are hiding from reality and their politically correct protestations about the homophobia, racism and conservatism of the masses is nothing more that attention seeking.

"Look at me," their actions say, "look at me, see how I care about blacks, look at me see how I care about the rights of bearded queens in bridal gowns, look at me, see what a good person I am. They are not good of course, they are selfish and narrow minded, their illiberal mindset tolerates no diversity of opinion, they talk of multiculturalism but would deny us the right to object to forced marriages in the Muslim community, they talk about the 'feelings' of gays who want to marry but are quite happy to trample on the feelings of people in the more conservative Christian churches. They 'care' about 'The Poor' but yearn for the return of a Labour government under which, history teaches us, the poor suffer the most, while the seriously rich move their money offshore and the new elite, the public sector workers, schoolteachers and academics, health professionals and all the other tax eating parasites reward themselves for wrecking the nation's social structure.

And now with public trust in the government at an all time low the elitists find people are ignoring the propaganda and turning to alternative news on the internet to learn what is going on.

Meanwhile, those responsible for broadcasting the elite's memes are getting paranoid. Instead of nursing along their tall tales, they are violently putting them into play and then acting on them politically and militarily (viz the FUKUS axis alliance of evil's collaboration with Al Qaeda in Syria which we were told for almost two years was on the verge of crushing the Assad regime, only to learn via Russian, Middle Eastern and Indian news that the opposite was true and that the 'brave freedom fighters' opposing Assad were brutal terrorists intent on slaughtering Syria's Christian and Shi'ite Muslim population.

The power elite, habitually dishonest, distrustful and contemptuous, introduces a dominant social theme and tries to promote it. Only right wing extremist conspiracy theorists question government policy the establishment controlled, left wing BBC rages.

And people remember the BBC is the organisation that covered up the activities of paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall for decades, even though it was reported to the lefties who run the corporation that both these sick creeps had sexually assaulted children on BBC premises. And we must not forget of course the instances of BBC staff rejecting ideas sent in by hopeful writers, then resubmitting a thinly deisguised version of the idea as their own. Or the cases of BBC news programmes, so strident in their support of feminist causes, sacking female presenters for being too old and not pretty enough. And of course, the way the BBC dismissed allegations of sex monster Jimmy Savile's paedophilia as 'just conspiracy theories.' Hypocrites.

Conspiracy Theories? The BBC Loses It's Politically Correct Mind


Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction
Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction. Being a former computer professional from back when we had to know how the things worked to program them, Bill Gates was always the incompetent amateur who got a big leg up because of his CIA connections and then made 'not fit for purpose' acceptable quality. Now this half witted shyster is playing a big role in formulating United Nations eugenics policy

BBC scandal – Breast beating, politically correct broadcaster has links to gangters, banksters and the arms trade As news leaks out from the inner sanctums of the BBC about cronyism and corruption in the corporations management structure, people are starting to wonder if the Clarkson fiasco was engineered to deflect attention from the way the BBC has been infiltrated by corporate business, and the linked issue of political bias in its news coverage of the election campaign.

Rotherham Abuse Scandal: Tragedy descends Into Farce
We have all been outraged at the revelations concerning the Rotherham child abuse scandal in which we now know officials in the child care system and leaders of the town's Labour council turned a blind eye to systematic abuse of children in council care because the perps were predominantly Pakistani.

Senior Obama Aide Petraeus Extols North American Superstate.
Why are we bothered about the suicide of the USA as a nation you might well ask. Well the NAFTA which would effectively weld USA, Canada and Mexicio into a single nation on the lines of what EU bureaucrats wouls like to see in Europe is being negotiated in concert with the tans atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trans Pacific Partnership and all of these 'free' trade treaties will make trade anything but free. What they are designed to do you see is make global corporations free to do WTF they like by sidelining elected governments

Major Disaster Neeeded To Save The New World Order? What!
A member of the new elite publicly calling for a major distaster to get the push for the so - called "New World Order" and global government back on track? Could there be any more blatant warning that a false flag event or man made catastrophe that will shock the world is coming our way? Read the article and learn that those crazy conspiracy theorists have been telling the truth all along.

Obama Sell Out American Dream: Transatlantic trade deal is an assault on democracy says left wing libertarian
Sneaking a transatlantic trade deal through with Obama, by - passing the elected parliament and British law is just about David Cameron's style. But this latest exercise in dismantling democracy could have far reaching consequences for all of us, for example it will give global corporations the power to change British law

Leaked TPP Documents Show The Extent Of Obama's Treason
Ever heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Not many people have because the American and other governments negotiating the deal are being very secretive about what is supposed to be a free trade agreement. The reason for their cover ups is the TPP is really a massive transfer of power from elected government to corporate cartels. And the USA is already engaged is negotiating a similar deal with the European Union

New World Order War On free Speech Comes To Britain - Guardian editor accused of treason
The right to free speech is under threat from intolerant, authoritarian elitists, call them The Illuminati, New World Order, Scientific Dictatorshgip, Global Elite, whatever. Their goal is absolute power and they know that while the right of free speech, the free press and free access to information exist they cannot succeed.

In The Same Week As Russia Outlawed The US Dollar, China Starts Dumping Its Dollar Reserves.
The status of the US dollar as global reserve currency has kept the Americasn economy afloat for several decades in spite of the US government's vast debt and profligate public spending. It has looked for some time as if rival powers led by the Chinese were getting ready to topple the dollar from supremacy.

Privacy Wrecking Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison
Some people insisted it was all a conspiracy theory. Even now they know the extent government and corporations are snooping on us via internet and electronic technology they try to insist it is for our wellbeing and there is no sinister hidden agenda. If you find their assurances comforting you really nead to read this article

Transatlantic trade deal is an assault on democracy says left wing libertarian
Sneaking a transatlantic trade deal through with Obama, by - passing the elected parliament and British law is just about David Cameron's style. But this latest exercise in dismantling democracy could have far reaching consequences for all of us, for example it will give global corporations the power to change British law.

The Big Conspiracy: Corporatism Is Fascism, Democracy Is Dead

The dividing line that marks where big business ends and big government starts has become so blurred it is hardly visible. Is that any wonder with politicians being handed sinecures on corporate boards and senior executives being employed as 'Czars', experts hired to head up government projects. What is clearly visible is the merging of business and government is not good for democracy or individual citizens.

Chemtrails - One of those crazy conspiracy theories that turned out to be truth

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