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Obama Regime fabricates Terror Threat To Justify Perpetual War

by Ian R Thorpe
Latest updates on the war in Syria, the stories you will not read in print media or hear on television news. When will Obama and other western leaders understand Russia and China will not let Assad fall, the moment a line is crossed we will be in World War Three
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Obama Regime fabricates Terror Threat To Justify Perpetual War

by Ian R Thorpe

Just when you thought it could not get any more insane we learn, as the widely predicted American / Israeli Summer Offensive against the legitimate government of Syria gathers momentum we learn of another alleged chemical weapons attack agains the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels fighting President Assad's forces. Still no official word on the four US / Israeli tactical nuclear strikes aginst the Syrian army and government which has the support of more than half the Syrian poulation.

Check out some real news:

First this on the Perpetual War on Terror from Global Research:

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'Representative democracies and autocratic dictatorships respond to profound internal crises in very distinctive ways: the former attempts to reason with citizens, explaining the causes, consequences and alternatives; dictatorships attempt to terrorize, intimidate and distract the public by evoking bogus external threats, to perpetuate and justify rule by police state methods and avoid facing up to the self-inflicted crises.

Such a bogus fabrication is evident in the Obama regime’s current announcements of an imminent global “terrorist threat”[1] in the face of multiple crises, policy failures and defeats throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia .

More disturbing revelations on the kind of neo - fascist state security policies the Obama regime used those invented terror threats to justify ...

The US Government now admits it is impossible to know how many times the National Security Agency illegally violated the privacy of American citizens.

'President Barack Obama, although recently suggesting he would be open to discussion about some reforms to National Security Agency surveillance policies, has maintained that the United States has laws, which "specifically prohibit" the government from "surveilling US persons without a warrant. And there are a whole range of safeguards that have been put in place to make sure that that basic principle is abided by."

The president has suggested that the public is wrong to think the NSA is somehow "out there willy-nilly just sucking in information on everybody and doing" what it pleases with it. However, documents provided to The Washington Post by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden indicate that thousands of privacy violations have occurred.

A May 2012 audit from the NSA shows 2,776 incidents of "unauthorized collection, storage, access to or distribution of legally protected communications" occurred.'

And what about the escalation of the war in Syria to involve tactical nuclear strikes on innocent Syrian civilians by Obama's unholy alliance of American Corporatists, Israeli Zionists and fanatical Arab Whahabi Muslims?

NSA Violations Of Citizens Privacy

Tactical Nuclear Strikes by US / Israel led allies on Syria

Syria Has Now Been Hit By Four Nuclear strikes

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“Israel, unable to field credible conventional forces, is attempting to destroy the fighting ability of the Syrian Army through attrition, not simply “shock and awe,” but nuclear, chemical and even biological weapons.”

Experts on arms control policy, confirmed by multiple independent sources, indicate that Syria has been hit, in recent days, by at least four tactical nuclear weapons.

In addition, a Syrian Army brigade suffered massive casualties from a Sarin gas attack.

Not only are these attacks pushing the world to the brink of war but they coincide with a threat against America “from within,” Pentagon, DHS, AIPAC, drug cartels and key leaders of extremist GOP and Tea Party factions.

There is no “Al Qaeda threat,” the whole thing is a deception and cover, which has allowed President Obama to put in place needed defenses against a coup that was only days away.

WMD Use in Syria

The chemical weapons were traced to the Republic of Georgia and delivered to Israeli-led Al Qaeda forces inside Syria by units of the Turkish Army.

Israel, unable to field credible conventional forces, is attempting to destroy the fighting ability of the Syrian Army through attrition, not simply “shock and awe,” but nuclear, chemical and even biological weapons.

Crisis Looming

Last week, IDF Military Intelligence told their American counterparts that Russia had delivered eight nuclear weapons to Syria as a deterrent to further WMD attacks by Israel.

The US contacted Russia though official diplomatic channels. Russia, when asked, denied transferring nuclear weapons to Syria but indicated it had “special weapons” in theatre, with naval and air forces, if their “vital interests” were threatened.

Israel then reached out to Saudi Arabia, asking them to promise Russia a payment in excess of $1 trillion to abandon both their interests in Syria and to work to isolate Iran.

Russia was told they would receive their payment when they introduced a resolution to the Security Council to enact a “no fly zone” over Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia received assurances that China would not exercise her veto at the Security Council if Russia either introduced or supported the measure.

There has been no leak from Kremlin sources as to the position President Putin will take.

And once again it is left to Russia Today to provide a balanced report of the latest news coming out of the Syrian theatre of war, while western maintream media hysterically accuse the Assad regime of using chemical weapons.

Al Qaeda Guerillas Report Poison Gas Attack As UN Inspectors Arrive In Syria

Conflicting reports emerged of recent chemical weapons use in Syria. This comes on the same day that the UN inspectors arrive in Damascus to investigate allegations of use of toxic arms. The casualty figures range from dozens to almost 1,200 deaths.

Initially, Al-Arabiya posted news of 280 victims on Twitter. Later, the news outlet upgraded the figure up to 1,188 victims quoting the Free Syrian Army.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had a much lower figure, claiming dozens of people were killed, including children.

News agencies such as Reuters and AP mostly put the numbers of victims at hundreds, but say that reports can't be independently verified.

Meanwhile, an RT Arabic correspondent managed to contact some locals who say they haven't witnessed any “poisonous attack” in the area. However, they point out that gunfire can be heard.

Syrian authorities issued a statement saying there is “no truth whatsoever” to reports of chemical weapons use near Damascus.


UK Must Work With Assad To Combat ISIS? Laugh, I Nearly Shat
When Obama first called for military intervention in Syria, Cameron and Hollande were all for it and only public opinion in the west and Russian / Chinese Intransigence in the UN Security Council averted full scale war. I came in for a lot of flak for 'supporting the tyrant Assad when I suggested the last thing the west's troubled economies needed was another messy and unwinnable middle east war. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Its Showtime!

The Most Secretive And Oppressive regime In The Modern World.
When talk turns to the suppression of free speech by totalitarian regimes, we think of Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Nazi Germany, the theocratic dictorships of the middle east and the regimes of bemedalled buffoons with a taste for killing their country's citizens. but increasingly it is governments in the west that are suppressing freee speech.

Obama's Lust For War Could Turn Out Very Badly For The West
For two years the great peacemaker and joybringer, Mr. Hopey Changey Man himself, Brack Hussein Obama has been trying to find a way to intervene in the Syrian civil war on the side of the anti Assad rebels and fanatical Islamic Jihadists without pissing off Russia and China too much.

Poison Gas Used In Syria Sparks Calls For Western Military Invasion
Claims circulating in Washington, London and Brussels that chemical weapons have been used in the Syrian conflict have prompted less conspiracy theories and more intelligent discussion that we might expect. Even so commentators in mainstream media have divided into two opposing camps – those who believe that President Obama's failure to ...

Syria's Dirty War Looks Set To Get Dirtier
'From unobtrusive, anonymous offices scattered around the middle east, in Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Croatia, CIA officers have acted as brokers and overseers of a programme of massive arms shipment to Syria's rebels. The western powers operation to support those trying to overthrow the Assad regime is officially denied and ...

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