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Greenteeth's editor at Bubblews is Ed Butt, a name which American readers find hilarious. We don't know why, it sounds like headbutt which is not hilarious if you are on the receiving end of one.

The bubblews site that Ed runs contains satire and controversy, the aim is to deliver a headbutt to the dark forces of media manipulation by encouraging readers to think for themselves and question everythi

Globalisation, Misinformation, Deception, False Store Fronts and the G8 Economic Forum

Enniskillen (pop 14,000) is a small, pretty town in Ireland, the administrative center of the Fermanagh County. It will shortly host a meeting of the G8 global economic forum. Now G8 has declined in importance since the formation of the G20 group which gives a voice in the economic debates to emergent economies and to the nations of Africa and South America so you might think its precipitous fall down the league table of political influence is why they have ended up in little, out of the way Enniskillen. Or cynics amongst us (me for example) might think the great and good have chosen the Irish market town because protestors will have a hard time finding it on the map and so delegates are less...

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Forget recession: U S Banks Post Record Profits

Have government austerity measures affected you, do you feel the value of your savings has been eroded and the buying power of your earnings reduced by higher taxes and austerity measures governments have introduced to 'save the economy.' Well yeah, but ............... we're all in this together aren't we and everybody is making sacrifices, you might well reply. Except we're not all in it together, not everyone is making sacrifices. The people and organizations not making sacrifices are the very same as those whose future you have suffered to safeguard. Look at this: 'Profits for the US banking industry rose in the first quarter of 2013 to a record $40.3 billion,...

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The Debt Crisis

What Happened To The Idea Of Financial Privacy?

Not long ago I posted a report here about the near - criminal Payday Loans industry, their usurious interest rates and implacable pursuit of defaulters. I have never had any dealings with loan sharks so a little research was necessary, a few clicks and I was ready to write. Since then, although I gave no personal details to anybody I have received a steady stream of invitations to apply for payday loans, to apply for credit cards available to people with bad credit records and other financial services. How do they know me? Well I might have given no details but financial businesses are big time miners of private data from our computers, and they share information, sometimes with very unpleasant...

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Attention Gather Refugees - How To Recover Your Posts (useful info on web archive for anyone)

There seem to be more and more gather refugees gathering here at Bubblews, and one worry I have seen discussed often is: "If we can't get into gather all our posts will be lost. FEAR NOT, although gather is still online it is very difficult to do anything but you can still recover your old stuff from a web archive. There are several but the one I have always used is The Wayback Machine ( ). Now I'm not saying that is better than other web archives, it is just the one I have used and it does what is said on the box. Go to "Wayback Machine" via my link or your favourite search engine and enter your url. In my case this would be

Nanny McScottie Will Take Care Of Your Kids, You Have No Choice

Not long ago I was reporting an American academic and activist saying that children did not belong to their parents but to the government. ( ) Despite my having been around a good few years I don't recall ever meeting anyone who believed their children 'belonged' to them. Rather people felt they owned a responsibility for bringing up their children. Not all parents took this responsibility seriously and of those who did some made a better job of it than others. The great thing a bout humanity is we are all different, and as civilizations became more advanced communities developed way to help those children who had been born...

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You Do Not Need Control Freak Science To Get Bigger crop Yields

Picture: A muscle man hoists a giant marrow at The Harrogate Show. There is a tradition in some parts of Britain (particularly in coal mining areas) to grow giant vegetables for competition. Growing giant vegetables is not just a British eccentricity however, a search for "Giant vegetables images" on bing produced examples from all over the world. Sort of makes nonsense off all that claptrap about how we need to grown only crops from genetically modified seed if we want to feed the world's rapidly expanding population. Most of the vegetables...
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Sphinx Discovered Among Bermuda Pyramids

As I have said before, when stories like this come up I'm mad for them. There is such a wealth of ideas and possibilities that to a fiction writer they are not so much bread and butter as filet steak with Dauphinoise potatoes. As usual there must be a caveat, there is actually very little evidence these things are what they seem to be so don't that the reports too literally. Report from the Terra Arclein, Cuban Subsea Pyramid Complex, suggests the explorers have evidence the ancient city whose ruins lie six hundred feet under water off the coast of Cuba was submerged by a combination of rising waters and land subsidence. This corresponds closely to the account from Greek philosopher...]

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Fears Of Violence And Unrest As English Town Prepares For Bilberberg Rally

The shadowy and secretive Bilderberg Group will hold their annual meeting at The Grove country house hotel complex just outside watford, England in early June. As usual this gathering of the super - rich and super - powerful will be accompanied by levels of secrecy and security never seen elsewhere. The perimeter of The Grove estate will be patrolled by heavily armed security guards wearing mirrored shades or one way visors on their helmets. Black helicopters will hover overhead constantly and conference attendees will be delivered in black limousines with darkened windows and whisked away again once the hierophants in residence have done with them. Read Charlie Skelton's Bilderberg Files...

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Global Warming Theory Debunked By NASA

(also appears at The Daily Stirrer under the by line of Arthur Foxake) I have always striven to bring you the truly true truth about the global warming scam, a few years ago there were not many voices dedicated to challenging the lying lies of the climate science tits whose only interest lay in helping Al Gore and other billionaires scam millions of dollars of taxpayer's money every year so that they, the science tits could pick up big fat research grants for sitting around making up statistics or trotting of the climate change seminars in the Seychelles, Barbados or Monte Carlo at our expense and thus get through life very comfortably without having to do an honest day's work. Gradually...

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Two stories that show how the banksters plant to control your cash and how you spend it

I have written many articles over the years about how machines and technology are talking over our lives. Slaves To The Machine ( ) is a keynote article for all my websites and blogs and new stories bringing more evidence to support the predictions I make in it are emerging constantly. Two new ones appeared this week. First, reports that a new generation of contactless debit cards are double billing shoppers for goods they have already paid for with cash revealed there have been a string of complaints from unhappy and unexpected hard up customers. all the complaints report money was taken from their contactless payment cards even when...

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