David Miliband: Create ONE MILLION Work Permits For Migrants

by Arthur Foxake, 01 Frebruary, 2016

http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/01/david-miliband-create-one-million-work-permits-for-migrants/ Old socialists never die, they just get their snouts in the always brimming trough of taxpayers' money. Latest among these troughers is David Miliband, the great loser who was robbed in a contest for leadership of the UK Labour party by a dirty deal between his brother Ed. and the trade unions. Miliband D. threw a hissy fit and stomped out of politics to take up a lucrative job with Thunderbirds International Rescue, not the organisation featured in the 1960s science fiction puppet show, but a philanthopic charity sponsored by the GeorgeSoros foundation. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/files/2013/03/international-rescue.jpg Billionaires never do anything for nothing and like the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, the Soros foundation earns for its founders various business interests far more in government contracts and interest on investments than it actually spends on good works. And International Rescue keeps David Miliband in the political game in a role from which he cannot be evicted by popular votes, and thus is able to pursue the goal of cultural Marxism, the destruction of the emancipated working classes, without let or hinderance. David Miliband, speaking as chief executive of the U.S.-based International Rescue Committee (IRC), has said refugees from the war in Syria (who are in reality mostly economic migrants from Africa) have no savings left, are struggling to get aid and are increasingly unable to support themselves and their families. One million jobs are needed for refugees from Syria to improve their lives in neighbouring countries which have borne the brunt of the refugee crisis since the war started almost five years ago, the head of a major humanitarian relief agency said. Many families have resorted to sending their children to work on the black market and financial difficulties also have left women and girls particularly at risk of being coerced into early forced marriage or survival sex, the IRC said. David Miliband and golbal totalitarian government advocate George Soros gave the idea context for me. Both have a track record for promoting what George Orwell dubbed Oligarchical Collectivism. There's more to reading than knowing the names of all the words, sometimes you have to read between the lines and sometimes you have to read the spaces between the letters. And then there is the small point that Turkey is dumping refugees on the EU as fast as it can, the Turkish government just doesn't want those people ( except for the children who are used as slave labour apparently ), while Jordan (pop 6.5 million plus 1.2 million refugees) and Lebanon (pop 4.5 million plus 1.5 million refugees) have small, weak economies and could not possibly create one million jobs. To propose that printing work permits would enable them to create a million jobs, unless there is some hidden agenda, would be idiotic. EU leaders such as Juncker and Schulz and national political figures led by Obama, Merkel, Hollande and Cameron are pushing for Turkey to be fast track to full EU membersip, while Lebanon and Jordan figure in plans to extend the Union into the middle east and north Africa ( http://www.greenteeth/europe-extended.shtml ). That of course wold enable residents in those nations to come to western Europe and claim benefits. David Miliband, in common with all Labour Party 'thinkers' and many 'socialist' billionaires like Soros has supported the notion of destabilising western nations by flooding developed economies with third world immigrants for decades now One million work permits for migrants, one million Britons out of work. But wasn't 'Thunderbirds puppet' Miliband once a big noise in Labour, the elitist party that hates the British working class? The point Miliband and all working-class elitists like him studiously ignore is the effect mass immigration is having on the developed world. To understand what has been going on in Sweden and Germany since they opened their doors to every person who arrived in their country without travel documents, the video embedded below, made by a man in Sweden is a must watch Here's a link too. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvmSc793oq8)

According to official figures the last Labour government, of which Miliband was a senior member, took on some 836,000 more "civil servants". That does not include nominally autonomous organisations like the National Health Service and the energy, media, financial and transport regulators, the education system and town halls, not does it take account of government funded jobs outsourced to the private sector. All over England, there are little NHS offices, Work and Pensions Department offices or occupied by other bureaucratic empires, with groups of people standing around outside smoking. All on public-sector pay and pensions. It was a Tony Bliar scheme to reduce unemployment, just like the exponential expansion of higher education that took place every year. The costs of employing someone to shuffle papers, watch internet porn or attend an occasional meeting is, of course, more than normal dole money. It massaged the figures. We will be paying the bills for centuries to come, just as we will for their "Private Finance Initiative" cockups. Socialist economics, which as Benito Mussolini said, is no different from corporate economics, means impoverishment for the masses and unlimited wealth and power for the oligarchs. Avatar Neil2 • 3 hours ago So Millibrain how do you "create" 1 million jobs out of nothing ? or do you mean public sector jobs ?. 19 • Reply • Share › Avatar Bobuk Neil2 • 2 hours ago His hero, PM Wilson, "Cut unemployment at a stroke" in the 70's by adding 10% staff to every UK public service. Surely that would work out well again. . 4 • Reply • Share › Avatar sloop Bobuk • 2 hours ago The Soviet asset Harold Wilson. Wasn't he the lucky one in just being exiled instead of meeting a traitor's end. 2 • Reply • Share › Avatar Paul Styper Bobuk • 2 hours ago Gordon Brown did the same. The bloating of the public sector never ceases. 2 • Reply • Share › Avatar Bobuk Paul Styper • 2 hours ago Blair was a bit more subtle, he persuaded half the population to go to a second rate university. 5 • Reply • Share › Avatar foxoles Bobuk • 2 hours ago And get into a lifetime of debt to do so. 3 • Reply • Share › Avatar Ivor MacAdam Bobuk • 22 minutes ago I did read that the last Labour government took on some 836,000 more "civil servants". All over England, there are little NHS offices (for instance), with groups of people standing around outside smoking. All on public-sector pay and pensions. It was a Tony Bliar scheme to reduce unemployment. The costs were, of course, more than normal dole money. It massaged the figures. We will be paying the bills for centuries to come, just as we will for their "Private Finance Initiative" cockups. Avatar Ivor MacAdam Neil2 • 28 minutes ago In England, we call them "Non-jobs" Avatar manton • 3 hours ago The third world invasion of all white Western countries is accelerating rapidly, aided and abetted by the enemy within like Soros, Merkel, and Miliband, and all paid for by us taxpayers. Our way of life is changing fast, right before our eyes. The question is, what are we going to do about it? 30 • Reply • Share › Avatar Birtles manton • 2 hours ago Your question is the central one. Do you have any ideas? What do you suggest? (I ask in al seriousness) 4 • Reply • Share › Avatar rationality Birtles • 2 hours ago Peaceful civil disobedience at a minimum. Governments hate that as they arent able to portray the protesters as neo Nazis. Network. Speak the truth. The moral capital of the holocaust has well and truly expired. Only took 70 years. 6 • Reply • Share › Avatar Birtles rationality • 2 hours ago OK. They are ideas. The peaceful civil disobedience option requires groups, or, at the least, networks - so that's the number one issue there. I agree on the networking business - more needs to be made of social media. I think everyone who is concerned by what is happening should do small things everyday. My (very, very limited) contribution revolves around putting stickers up (e.g;https://www.phalanx-europa.com... ) posting on sites like this, and a tiny Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ident... ) Very small beer, but imagine if everyone did similar things. 6 • Reply • Share › Avatar rationality Birtles • 2 hours ago I must thank you for the second time in a week. I've had more character assassination from Adam and it just drives me on as they know their usual manipulative techniques arent working any more. Theres also Birmingham on Saturday. If we want to save our civilisation then we have to be talking to each other this weekend. 3 • Reply • Share › Avatar Birtles rationality • 2 hours ago See my reply to 'Conducter71'. I have been back and forth with my wife about next Saturday. I work in a public sector job that has a legal requirement to 'promote equality' - a Labour/Blair law. • Reply • Share › Avatar rationality Birtles • an hour ago Yes I have been murmuring at my firm with the cultural Marxism as it just turns people off. No company that wants to remain viable should be ignoring this. • Reply • Share › Avatar Birtles rationality • an hour ago The Bair/Labour government traduced a whole raft of anti-free speech, and social control legislation. And we only just escaped the electronic ID card and database nightmare, though I suspect that that totalitarian measure will, in the end, arrive. • Reply • Share › Avatar sloop rationality • 2 hours ago We have an article about MIliband and the IRC and here you are with your usual (H)olocaust bullchit. Go back to Meena.