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Greenteeth back Catalogue #16 CFLs - Another Scientific Scam
Some Truth About Compact Fluorescent Lights and the reality of claims about their efficiency.
Will Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power The Cars We Drive In The Future
With battery technology and biofuel looking increasingly unrealistic the fuel source of the future for our cars looks like being hydrogen ...

CFLs - Another Scientific Scam
Today we look at the much hyped CFLs which everyone hates. You will hate them even more when you find out its all another scientific scam.

The World's Unhappiest Children
Four years ago Britain was placed second to bottom in a UNICEF survey to measure the happiness of children from nation to nation. In the latest report published last week we were bottom. So when our children have so much materilly, what's wrong?

Policing The Ether
As a young British man is jailed for posting abusive messages on Facebook there are calls once again for the web to be regulated. But how can we regulate something so vast and nebulous? ask web apologists. Easy Peasy says Ian Thorpe with the benefit of 30 years systems experience, just don't listen to the script kiddies who say it can't be done.

Lib Dems Death By Gesture Politics
So what was the "issyoo" that got the Lib Dems excited yesterday. (Let's play the Hong Kong Fooey game here, those of you who were or had kids in the early 1980s.) Was it the debt crisis? Nope ... Was it climate change?Nope ...Was it jobs and ...

Vegemite Of Mass Destruction
Vegemite is to Australians as Marmite is the the British and guns are to Americans. Kevin Rudd, the Australian foreign minister, had to do some fast talkingh to get himself out of an unschedled trip to ...

Schools Cut History Lessons In Favour Of Multiculturalism Classes New research confirms what The Daily Stirrer has reported before, that rising numbers of secondary school pupils are receiving just two years of compulsory history lessons during secondary education instead of the recommended three because of pressure on school timetables. Where history used to be one of the spaples of education it is incrasingly being squeezed out to make room on the timetable for topics like multiculturalis, racial awareness and feminism studies. Many schools fail now to offer history as ...

New Gadgets Guaranteed To Break The Ice At Parties
The world is in trouble, over production, over consumption and over population combine to mess up the environment, the global exonomic system and the societies humans have formed. And the only solution our leaders can offer? More of the same stuff that screwed everything up ...
Are Feminists More Evil Than Nazis A campaign by feiminists and lefties to get t shirts will slightly sexist slogans withdrawn from sale shows how authoritarian the progressive left are prepared to be in imposing their warped moral values on everybody.

Fear Of Anti Depressants Makes Patients Shun Treatment
Antidepressants are the second-most-prescribed drug in the U.S., for years doctors have been handing them out like smarties at a childrens' play group..In spite of this many people are still not prepared to tell their family doctor that they are experiencing symptoms of depression because they're afraid they will be put on ... [ ice cream and chips ]

Best New Gadgets In Nerd Heaven by Ed Butt (H/T The Independent)
Televisions you can graffiti on, video post it notes that stick on to the fridge, everything you don't need and only a cupid stunt would waste money on ... and all, if not quite under one roof then under many rooves at one exhibition. Every year, in the first days of September, Berlin is host to nerd heaven, the Internationale Funka-usstellung (IFA), said to be the world's ... [ The Aspirational ]

EU Leader Gives Germany An Ultimaturm: Act Now To Save The Euro
The president of the European Commission and leading proponent of a single global government, Jose Manuel Barroso, issued a stark warning to Germany yesterday that eurobonds could be the price of preventing a break-up of the single currency. Addressing the European Parliament, Mr Barroso said the Commission will "soon present options" for the introduction of a common European debt union ...

Is Age The 21st Century's Apartheid
Racism is the new witchcraft but as we are talking in terms of prejudices being recycled with different labels what is coming down the road to repace racial segregation?

Tapping The Admiral
A national hero, a sex scandal, infidelity, social climing, hypocrisy snobbery, a war and some horrid history. What more could a reader ask for? This story of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton will raise eyebrows. The details of Horatio and Emma’s love affair are not wholly ...

EU Leaders In Denial As World Prepares For Greek Default
We are approaching end-game. Greece is supposed to pay off its next tranche of debts on 17 October, and the markets are now expecting what this blog has long predicted: a large-scale ...

UK Jobless Hits Two Year High
How many times have all of us here at the Daily Stirrer warned that high unemployment and long term joblessness are the inevitable consequences of economic policies that kill jobs by exporting work to low labour cost areas, encourage automation of sales and admin and reward firms for killing jobs by ...

An Appreciation Of Project Gutenberg Founder Michael S Hart The internet and the myths and culture that have grown up around it have created many billionaires, most of them highly underserving of success as their products did not live up to the hype. Sad then to har of the death on an internet pioneer who was not in it for the money

9/11 Conspiracy Theories Not So Irrational As Conspiracy Deniers Would Have You Believe The anniversary of the Al Qaeda attack on New York's World Trade Centre brought to the forefront of bloggers' attention the conspiracy theories that emerged in the wake of the day's events. Were the cospiracy theories as crazy as was suggested by those to like to style themselves as rational and ...

No Politician, Not Even The Obamessiah With A Wave Of His Magic Penis, Can Create Jobs By Spending Money
Barack Obama's plan to save is catastrophically failed Presidency from descending nto farce in the remaining eighteen monts before he must face the judgement of the electors involves another $$$ three quarters of a trillion spending spree in which, we must assume from the tone of his latest speech, money will again be lavished on ...

Miracle Day Or Miracle Century
As well as being gloriously entertaining sci - fi hokum the latest Torchwood series, Miracle Day raises some very signifgicant questions about where human civilisation is heading.

It's Dunken Moose Season AgainIn this story of a drunken moose stuck in an apple tree causes us to think back to all the drunken animals we have reported over the years.

Nurses Need To Speak English
At last somebody whose voice will be heard has spoken out against the policy of the Politically Correct Though Police that deems it ...

Waiting To See The Cuddly Side Of Big Business
Business leaders love to tell us they are nice people who care about third world poverty and are kind to small furry animals. but the rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer ...

Germany And Holland Push Greece To The Brink
As we predicted last week elected representatives of the people of Germany and Holland have promised they will block further bail out payments to keep Greece's stricken economy afloat unless the basket case country complies to the letter with the terms of austerity conditions imposed on them. As the spendthrift Greek government does not understand the meaning of phrases like fiscal controls, this latest setback for ...

Climate Change - The Edge Of The Abyss
Media and government reports still say we are staring into the abyss because carbon emissions are too high. But have they ever though we would have to shut down all economic activity in the developed world to change things.

Tripoli Breakdown Of Law And Order
It is typical of the dumbing down in democratic societies that The Daily Stirrer's opposition to NATO intervention in support of the uprising against Libyan tyrant Colonel "Mad Dog" Gadaffi was seen by many as support for the despot and his brutal regime. Far from it, the three of us who created this opinion and comment blog are old guys who have all been

How To Win At Politics The Machiavelli Way
500 years after his death has Niccollo Machiavelli really anything to teach our limp wristed, politically correct modern politicians? Yeah, when it comes to getting things done, plenty.

How To Look Good Naked Gok Wan Outed
Normally the slightest glimpse of the unber-irritant Gok Wan makes me turn into my hero Father Jack from Father Ted and throw something at my TV set as I yell, "Feck, who put that ...

Salt Health Risk - A Pinch Of Doubt
Remember we were told "ythe science is settled" on climate change and carbon dioxide - only it wasn't. Well here's another scientific scam. You know how we are always hearimg how salt in our diet is a major health risk? Well how come we never hear of the food scientists whose studies show it isn't. Here's how another science scam was pulled on us.

When You Gaze Into The Abyss ... When you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you, so goes Freidreich Nietzsche's famous one liner.

According to most economic pundits not in the pay of governments and big financial institutions or those who spend their lives cocooned in academic institutions, safe from the intrusion of reality we are gazing into ...

Tax Amnesties Turn HM Revenue and Customs Into A Money Laundering Operation
Having been a self employed consultant for many years I am very aware of the self defeating idiocies of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs or The Inland Revenue as they used to be known. For thirty years these paper clip chaim making nobodies in cheap suits have waged war on British business and enterprise. Now it seems instead of helping small businesses and startups cope with the ...

The End Of The World - Part 3
European Banks Face Collapse As Eurozone Crisis Triggers New Slump In Markets
Josef Ackermann, the chief executive of Deutsche Bank, Germany's biggest bank, warned yesterday that "numerous" European banks and financial instiyutions would collapse if they were ...

The Great Arctic Oil Rush The melting of the Arctic ice caused by the climate warming, ocean currents shifting or whatever, makes it possible to expore for and exploit oil reserves in the arctic polsar region. With wind and solar energy falling waaaaay short of expectations as replacements for fossil fuel and demand for energy increasing you can understand why as exploration permits become available exploration companies and oil giants alike are piling in hoping to fill their boots. In July 2008, the US Geological Survey released the first ever publicly available estimate of the oil ...

Goodbye To The Mad Dog - Maybe Not
A heavily armoured column was seen crossing the border out of Libya into Niger. Has Gadaffi fled for good. Are the troops a force led by Gadaffi's son whih which he plans to fight a guerilla campaign or are they just mercanaries getting the hell out before thay are captured and shot?

Stock Markets Crash - We Got It , we were'nt pessimistic enough

It is not often The Daily Stirrer has to say "We got it wrong," we are much more likely to be telling you "We told you so." Last week however we predicted that the final collapse of the FUBAR global economy would beging in abou four to six weeks. We wwerre horribly wrong. It has started ...

Gadaffi's High Noon Will Be The Batle For His Hometown
Libya's transitional leaders believe hundreds of their supporters have been gunned down in Colonel Gaddafi's home town of Sirte by desperate regime loyalists, even as they try to negotiate its surrender. A more reasonable interpretation of the story reported by ...

Global Markets Crash The latest figures announced by the US Government show the American economy added no net new jobs in August, according to the key non-farm payrolls figures from the Department of Labor. The August number was much worse than had been expected - the predicted figure was an addition of about 70,000 new jobs. Overall unemployment remained ...

Atlantis: Lost Civilization, Myth Or Legend
One of the most enduring mysteries of the ancient world is the lost continent / islan / civilization of Atlantis. Did it ever really exist?

More Americans Are Calling Long Stay Motels Their Home
A long way from the glossy world of Wisteria Avenue, where the Desperate Housewives lived their lives, beyond the deperation of the 'projects' (U.S. equivalents of our sink estates) featured in The Wire, further on from the glossy image America likes to present to the world than even the trailer parks featured in so many gritty novels and post modern fiml - noir movies there lies the shadow world of ...

World powers hail 'new Libya' at Axis Of Hypocrisy summit Avoiding 'another Iraq' - a descent into civil war - was the unspoken purpose of the Paris meeting according to the communique issued to thw world's press.

The Daily Stirrer loves that phrase "Avoid a descent into civil war." Typical of the vainglorious solipsists ho style themselves world leaders. Have they not herard there is alread a civil war going on? The press release went on "Sixty countries showered blessings on the birth of ...

Are Potatoes Natural Prozac
Depressed? Try Potato Instead Of Prozac. Sdome say they can work as well to balance serotonin levels as prescribed medication and have no side effects. Needless to say treating depression naturally is not as simple as stuffing yourself with mashed spuds. Moderation is the best way to balance amino acids and insulin levels

Don't Google It
Are we becoming too reliant on computers and the internet and what is the point of having at our fingertips so much poor quality information?

Tobacco Giant's War On Science
A giant in the tobacco industry is trying to force a Scottish University to hand over confidential information about British teenagers' smoking habits. Philip Morris International, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is using the Freedom Of Information act to force Sterling university to reveal full details of its research involving confidential interviews with thousands of children aged between 11 and 16 about their attitudes towards smoking.

Death of the Ice Cream VanThat venerable tradition of the English Summer, Ice Cream Vans have been sentenced to death by bureaucracy

Probably the health fascists worst idea yet, the polypill plan involves prescribing for everybody over 50 a pill containing hear and circulatory system drugs including one to thin the blood (pollibly fatal if someone has a haemorrhage, and statins - the notorious anto obesity drugs the best know side effect of which is arse dribble.

Germany Rebels against Euro zone bailouts
German taxpayers have rebelled against bail outs for basket case nations. Will Frau Merkel dump the Euro or will her government coalition fall? "

What Actually Happened Before Big Bang
A look at what we actually know about the origins of the universe rather than the theory and mathematical speculation those whose have made a religion of science claim is proof. [ clear night - metaphysical love ]

The Curse Has Come Upon Me Cried The Lady Of Threadneedle Street Has the Lady Of Threadneedle Street cried 'The Curse Is Come Upon Me?'Economic news suggests the debt crisis in the western nations means the economy of the developed world is FUBAR.

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