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Jenny Greenteeth, Chief Ectoplasmic Officer of Greenteeth Multi Media welcomes you to the UK home page of her rapidly expanding multi media empire. This page deals with posts on Europe and the increasing authoritarianism of the EU bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels as it bulldozes aside opposition to its federal superstate agenda.

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Sweden SCRAPPING Agenda 2030 goals - Peter Sweden
The new right-wing government [ in Sweden ] is dismantling the goals outlined by the UN. They have scrapped renewable energy plans and have been pushing for more nuclear power. In the new year, Sweden REMOVED climate taxes on fuel, reducing diesel prices by over 4 SEK per litre. After the government removed climate taxes, prices reached almost as low as 17 SEK per litre.

The Great Genocide: Dutch Govt Plans to Shut Down Up To 3,000 Farms To Comply With Euronazi Union Green Law

Swedish Media Outlet Publishes Claimed U.S. Document Outlining How to CRUSH Europe Economy thru Ukraine War Effort


Greenteeth Globalisation Catalogue

Globalisation has been sold to the general public since World War Two as a panacea; when all sovereign states come together under one global government, the pitch goes, then we will all live together in peace and harmony in a world of plenty. It's bollocks of course, globalisation will, and was always intended to benefit the rich and powerful and cement in place the status quo while enslaving ordinary punters through their debts.

In line with their German, French, Belgian, Dutch and Spanish counterparts, farmers in Poland are staging a 24-hour blockade of the A2 Autobahn at the Swiecko border crossing into Germany. Although the protest may be a short term measure aimed at focusing the attention of the newly instaled Tusk regime for the moment, any longer protest interfering with cross border traffic between Poland and Germany is potentially a major economic risk for both.

New Poll Of Super - Rich Shows The Elite Hate Us Ordinary Folk
... the real enemy, is not a political party but a group that stands outside the political arena to exert its malign influence. A shocking poll exposes the utter contempt in which the elite holds the general public, with more than three quarters wanting to ration food and energy to combat ‘climate change’ and a majority wanting air travel for holidays banned.

"Go To Hell": Brave EU Politician Tells Globalist Politicians And Billionaire Pshycopaths
As the pushback against an elitist power grab that would end democratic government and establish an authoritarian, technocratic global government struggles to gain momentum in the face of a torrent of scaremongering propaganda, Anderson, a member of Germany's AfD party, has been a consistently vociferous opponent of Klaus Schwab’s Word Economic Forum (WEF) and its ‘Great Reset’ and agenda 2030 power grab.

From COVID To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism

EU Power Grab Backed By France, Germany, Aims To End Member States Right To Veto Bureaucrats Policy Moves.

EU Power Grab Backed By France, Germany, Aims To End Member States Right To Veto Bureaucrats Policy Moves
In what may spell the end for the European Union's ambition to become a federal superstate, Germany and France plan to end the right, currently held by every member state to veto any policy proposed by the Brussels bureaucracy before the end of this year.The debate over the issue has led to increased tensions between members in recent months, but has now been put back on the agenda.

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