UN IPCC Climate Change Report Will Warn Of 'Severe, Pervasive' Effects Of Global Warming

That is, the refusal of the climate to deliver scaremongering predictions will have the severe and pervasive effect of exposing climate science as a sham

Flooding, dangerous heatwaves, ill health and violent conflicts among likely risks if the world keeps burning fossil fuels at current rates, IPCC expected to say, according to mainsteam media reports that cherry pick the most alarming predictions and fail to highlight the vagueness introduced by words and phrases like 'might', 'could', possibly', and 'in the worst case'. Flooding, dangerous heatwaves, ill health and violent conflicts are among the likely risks if temperatures exceed 2C above pre-industrial levels, the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will say. In other words prety normal bad weather events of they kind recordeed by diarists, commentators and chroniclers since writing was invented sometime between 5 and 10 thousand years ago, and by students of weather and climate for the past 200 years. Warming beyond 4C would likely result in “substantial species extinction, large risks to global and regional food security, impacts on normal human activities” the report screams in alarm without mentioning that in the last hundred and fifty years mean temperatures have risen less than one degree centigrade. The final document, which appears to have been rewritten line-by-line by international government (? When did we get a world Government>) officials at a summit in Copenhagen, is intended to provide an excuse to impose punitive taxes on the most essential items of expenditure the clearest and most concise summary yet of the widely debunked 'scientific consensus' on climate change. How stupid is it to insist that global is all to do with CO 2 gas. No one person seems to know where the big problem is. No amount of decreasing CO 2 gas is going to make things better unless we all, in North, South, East & West simply stop consuming (and the governments and bankers fundung the Warmageddon scare don't want that as it would trash the global economy which must achiever perpetual growth.
I believe it was in the BBC TV wildlife programme Life in the Undergrowth (2005 - still available on DVD) in which the saintly David Attenborough reveals that the world's termites emit 1500 times as much CO2 as the entire human race including all industry. Surely it would be easier to wipe out 0.06% of the termites to balance things up and finally prove the Warmageddonists wrong. Sorry folks, global warming like everything today, is a political played simultaneously at national, international, inter-religion, intra-religion, inter-bloc, inter-racial and more. The prize is control. When Mr ban Ki Moon, loking bewildered as usual, reads words written for him by globalist bureaucrats, he is just acting as a front man for the game's sponsors. Let's stop all these useless conferences and simply agree to respect this planet that gives us food, water, and all we need and supplies a few fun items too. The goal of We The People should be to live good lives and leave behind us a place that, if not better, is at least as good as the one we inherited from our ancestors. Life is not about being profit centres for commerical organisations. If we ignore all the rhetoric, propaganda and advertising puff, we will discover that eralier generations managed quite well without the internet, iPads, Smartphones, Plasma TVs and all the rest of the bollocks that is supposed to have improved our lives. In fact such evidence as is available from the era before public opinion polling was around to tell people what their opinions were, people were actually happier and more fulfilled. It is time to tell the bankers and businessment, the political leaders and the armies of academics, public relatioins consultants and assorted 'experts' who advise them, including religious heads, bewildered international bureaucrats and other elitists that time is running out for them. Still, fair play to the Warmagedonists and their junk science. They do not give up and never let little things like empirical evidence or reality get in the way of their evangelical desire to plunge us all back into a world of medieval technology. And now the ignorant arrogant idiots think they can challenge nature, they are our modern day King Canutes, fraudsters and charlatans the lot of them, I'll give them a simple challenge to show if they are right or wrong, exactly how much snow will the UK get over the next 6 months, if their models are correct they should be able to give us an answer within several cm's and gain our confidence. Even if it were all true, Britain only contributes 1% of the world's carbon emissions, but it is the ordinary British public who are suffering the most as green levies on energy bills force poor households to choose between eating and heating ( while China build 10 new coal burning power stations a year). Like that ebola crises in Africa, it is manufactured scaremongring designed to frighten us all into tolerating further attacks on our individual freedoms but in reality it has little to do with us. Our control freak government cannot bear to be left out of any globalist move to curtail the rights of the individual.
One of the most repeated lies of the whole Warmageddonist scare is that never in human history has the atmosphere been this warm before (forget the Medieval Warm Period, it was all due to peasants burning hockey sticks ... or something. And yet the 'Vikings', so often dismissed by history as ignorant, hairy, horny drunks who terrorised civilisation in Western Europe as they raided in their Longboats (A beautifully designed vessel), raping, pillaging and plundering. The academic community stick together of course, so today's children do not hear about Vikings Eric Dorvaldsson (Eric the Red 950 to 1003AD) who set out for fabled lands to the North West of Scotland and came upon Iceland. The climate there was more benign than it is today and he established communities. He then duly set out west again, following the advice of The Pet Shop Boys song and came upon Greenland (which he dubbed Vinland). It had a lot less ice than nowadays and Erik established farming communities, remains of which have been found under the recently melted ice. Eric used to be considered by historians as the first 'Real Estate Con Artist'. Calling his newly discovered landmass 'Greenland' to encourage settlers. The remains of the farming communities give credence to his sales glossies however. His son Leif (Eriksson), in about 1000AD, headed west again, landed in Canada and settled a colony there (Norse settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows, at the northernmost tip of Newfoundland) where they grew oats and barley and turnips. The colony did not last, leaving after about 3 years, having had a falling out (over longship parking spaces?) with the locals. The evidence, the real evidence, not the mathematical modelling, suggests it was warmer then than now, which ties in with the conclusion I reached a few years ago while looking at the neolithic village of Scara Brae, the ancient (3000BC) Stone Age Settlement in Orkney. Rain lashed across the site and an icy wind blew in from The Atlantic, having not encountered so much as a small hill or even a clump of trees on its way from The North Pole. Anyone who lived there for any length of time would need more fortitude than I and probably you possess. A similar conclusion reached by Simon Schama in his 'History or Britain' DVD Series which toured the site. It may be accepted that our ancestors were considerably more durable that modern generations but even so, to not only survive but manage to successfully begin cultivating crops in these hostile environments without the aid of modern energy generation, technology and clothing would have been almost impossible unless the climate was considerably warmer at the time. Global Warming therefore does not appear directly related to the current pronouncement of the UN, Greenhouse Gas Content being the highest in the last 800,000 years.

Xavier Connolly

The IPCC claims are baseless. The clue is Figure 2.5 of Houghton's 'Physics of Atmospheres'. For the surface to be part of the radiation transfer chain in the atmosphere, it would have to be significantly warmer than the local atmosphere. Using 0.75 atmospheric absorptivity, 16 deg C surface, to transfer 160 W/m^2 by IR to the local atmosphere, it must be just below 0 deg C. In reality, it is kept very near surface temperature by convection maintaining lapse rate. Bottom line: according Houghton's grey body atmosphere assumption, there is near zero, nada, zilch IR energy transfer from the surface to the atmosphere. This disproves the most basic claim of the IPCC's pseudoscience! The IPCC co-founder supports its fake science when he published the real science in 1977. This stinks: pass it on so we can get an official investigation. The real atmosphere is semi-transparent; hence 63 W/m^2 net IR transfer from the surface, 40 to Space, 23 weakly-absorbed H2O bands ~2 km absorption depth. No professional pysicist or engineer accepts the Perpetual Motion Machine of the 2nd Kind in the IPCC models, nor the final cheat GISS hid from you for 33 years! The PMM is easily proved. To imaginary 333 W/m^2 'back radiation' is added 238.5 W/m^2 Solar energy. 238.5 W/m^2 leaves as Outgoing Long Wave Radiation. As modellers assume OLR comes from a separate -18 deg C zone, radiating up and down, the '2-stream' thermal balance is 238.5 + 333 - 238.5 = 333 W/m^2. The 40% extra, 94.5 W/m^2 is supposed to go mainly into oceans, slight increase of Sea Surface Temperature heating the atmosphere. More evaporation, higher humidity, absorbs more surface IR, giving more 'back radiation'; amplification. But more evaporation requires higher SST than real. They fixed this by using in 'hind-casting' to past temperatures about 35% more low level cloud albedo than reality. This makes the underneath of clouds cooler. Evaporation is non linear, the models pretend average temperatures are correct but much more evaporation in the sunlit regions gives the imaginary increase in humidity. Whoever programmed this cheat was clever because with correct IR physics, there is no net surface IR in the main GHG bands, no amplification; atmospheric processes make residual CO2-AGW near zero. There is no problem from warming or ocean acidification; they coped with 12x present [CO2] levels in the past. The evidence is no lower atmosphere warming for 18 years; no 'missing heat'. The person who caused this mess was Carl Sagan who misled US atmospheric Science. Over here, Houghton whose treatise 'Physics of Atmospheres', Fig. 2.5. shows why Sagan was wrong to believe Arrhenius, has pushed that scam by his support for the IPCC. The bottom line: Climat science alarmists are fraudsters. Anyone who bothers to look at the real world data on climate would never suspect that CO2 has ever played a role in changing Earth's climate over geologic time. The IPCC continues to sound the same old boring climate alarmism based on climate models. But there is actually no real evidence to support a coming climate catastrophe. Natural climate variability has always been responsible for Earth's changing climate. The slight increase in global average temperature since the 1800s is in line with natural climate variability. It is absolutely impossible for human-activity CO2, which is only responsible for about 0.12% of the greenhouse effect, to be causing dangerous global warming or to be the key driver of climate change. It is simply incompatible with the overwhelming body of scientific literature on natural climate variability.

Climate Science: Feynman Said ...

by Godel's Ghost

The physicist Richard Feynman said that it doesn't matter how smart or powerful you are, if your hypothesis is contradicted by the empirical data, you need a new hypothesis. The anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis claims that the increasing level of carbon dioxide (co2) due to human activities causes global warming. However, there is no evidence linking co2 increase to global warming. During the past few decades, as co2 continually increased, there have been both cooling and warming periods. In fact, with co2 at its highest level in a very long time, there’s been no additional increase in global temperature for almost two decades. The co2 level has been steadily increasing since the mid 1800s. Also, the science is clear that co2 ability to contribute to warming diminishes as its level increases. An old experiment which showed increased temperature by adding more co2 to an enclosed container is hardly adequate for making assumptions about weather related activities in the open atmosphere. Take the lie, "The "seas are rising!". The seas have been rising for the past 18,000 years, since the last (real) ice age began melting (except possibly for a few hundred years of reversal during the more recent Little Ice Age). Sea level has risen 400+ feet. The current annual sea level rise is a miniscule 1 to 3 mm per YEAR! (1 mm = .0393701 inches.) The rate of increase has been diminishing for the past several thousand years. Some perspective helps. There have been 13 ice ages in the past 1.3 million years, average duration of each being 90,000 years. Each ice age was followed by a warming period, (commonly called an interglacial period, such as the one we now enjoy) average duration 10,000 years. When there is no further increase in sea level and when glaciers are no longer shrinking, it’s a good bet that the next ice age or, at least a Little Ice Age, is underway. (Neither is desirable, even for the very adaptable human species.) Actual data clearly demonstrates that extreme weather events (typhoons, hurricanes, tornados, floods, droughts) have been less frequent and less severe during the past few decades. The only conclusion which can be drawn from this is that weather is more pleasant when the earth is warmer. Even most scientists who otherwise back AGW are embarrassed by the un-informed folks who continue to blame these common weather events on human-caused global warming. The UN’s IPCC, (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in its most recent report, admitted there is no indication that co2 level has any impact on our climate insofar as bizarre weather events. The IPCC has also now finally recognizes (once again !) that our global temperature is a record level over the past 800 years. That declaration is a back-handed admission that the Medieval Warming Period (MWP) was both a global event and warmer than now. No surprise, since there have been numerous studies from around the globe confirming this. If there is some ambiguity between the IPCC actual report and its “summary” report, keep in mind that funding for the IPCC would instantly disappear if it had identified our current warming as merely natural climate variation. Clearly human activity was not responsible for climate during the MWP. At that time the co2 level was constant (and lower, around 280 ppmv.) What’s more, the earlier warming periods during this interglacial, before the MWP, were at even higher temperatures. So our current warming is well within the bounds of natural climate variation. The beginning of our current warming (such as it is) is invariably associated with the beginning of the industrial revolution (mid 1800s) and the associated rise in co2 level. But there is no justification for that cherry-picked start-date. Our current warming actually began, by definition, at the bottom (the low temperature) of the Little Ice Age, which took place during the mid 1600s. That implies two centuries of natural warming BEFORE the industrial revolution and before co2 began to increase. The only known correlation between global temperature and co2 variation is over geologic periods and during that era temperature variations always occurred first, and were reflected hundreds of years later, by similar variations in co2 level. That is the carbon cycle at work. Because of oceans’ much greater heat capacity than the atmosphere oceans cool and warm much more slowly. Oceans outgas when warmer, and absorb gas when cooler. Notice that the two recent periods of cooling or flat temperature both cover significantly longer durations than was needed for alarmists to claim the warming is due to human activity. Nonetheless those same alarmists now argue that two decades of temperature “hiatus” is not long enough to refute the AGW hypothesis. There is no indication that increasing co2 has ever had any impact on global temperature, and in the more distant past co2 has been 10 to 20 times higher than now. Co2 has also been much higher during two ice ages and going into once ice age, so neither does there appear to be any nearby “trigger”. Is the greenhouse gas theory applicable to our atmosphere? The barriers in a real greenhouse confine heat much more effectively than our open atmosphere and satellite measurements show that heat is escaping to space. All the computer models projecting global warming assume that the real greenhouse gas culprit is water vapor. Water vapor, according to the models’ authors, supposedly provides a positive feedback, bringing on temperature increases 2 to 3 times greater than was brought on by increasing co2. But the feedback assumption is speculative at best because NO ONE yet understands climate feedbacks. In fact, cloud cover, one aspect of water vapor, likely provides a negative (offsetting) feedback. Sufficient time has now passed to show that practically every imaginable computer model scenario has grossly over-estimated actual temperature increase. In any case, computer model output is NOT evidence of anything apart from demonstrating the understanding, and agenda or confirmation bias of its authors! Co2 is a trace gas, and represents 4/100 of one percent, by volume, of the atmosphere. This is also referred to as 400 parts per million by volume (ppmv), or .0004. The recent average annual increase in co2 is about 2 ppmv (.000002). The administration is promising to reduce US emissions by 17% over the next several years. But the economic analysis, using the alarmists’ own numbers, indicates that the cost to our economy (which does not take into account the impact on other countries) would be enormous, and, even assuming success, would have an impact on temperature too miniscule to even measure. Such a policy is likely to lead to a massive disruption - hundreds of billions (if not trillions) in cost and NO IMPROVEMENT! This has to be obvious to everyone but rent-seekers. There has not been even one coherent attempt at rebuttal of the issues raised herein In fact, many of the alarmists still deny that global temperature has stalled or that bizarre weather is still natural climate variation. So far the only response to questions or criticism of AGW involve circular logic, name-calling, "appeals to authority" (hardly relevant when it is “authority” which is in question), “consensus” claims, or that the science is “settled”. Michael Mann (infamous "hockey stickgraph" author) responds to scientific criticisms by ignoring the facts presented, and instead asks whether the reader prefers to have their gall bladder taken out by a dentist rather than a surgeon. Science is never settled and certainly not decided by votes. The “consensus” claims are invariably based on completely debunked surveys. In any other situation such ‘consensus” studies would have long-since been exposed as major embarrassments for both the authors and the involved institutions. It is clear that human activity is contributing to the increase in carbon dioxide. However, some perspective, again, is needed. By 2099 the co2 level is projected to reach 600 ppmv (this assumes a continuation of the annual increase of 2ppmv per year). A crowded gym with poor venting is likely to be at 1,000 ppmv. Submarine crews work, for months, in atmospheres of 3,000 to 5,000+ ppmv. Plants LOVE the increased co2 level and, in that environment, require less water and will provide more oxygen. Scientists have also acknowledged that lifeforms not unlike our own survived in co2 levels which were many times higher than now. Some scientists have concluded that the optimum level for co2 would be about 4 times higher than it is now. Skeptics of these alarmist claims are at least as interested in saving the planet as the alarmists – we have grandchildren too. There is time, and technology will likely come up with sensible solutions long before the co2 level becomes a problem. In the meantime, we will all enjoy a healthier environment. Invoking the “precautionary principle” to address an implausible hypothesis would likely bring on catastrophic economic results. Do not permit the politicians and alarmists to foist this hobgoblin on us!

Climate activists Claim US Deep Freeze Is Due To Global Warming

Kit Daniels, Prison Planet

The Penguins Were Not Killed By Climate Change, They Took A First Step On The Road To Evolution

It was a story to melt the hardest heart, a tale of global warming catastrophe so tragic even the most stubborn 'denier' would have to accept 'the science is settled' and start campaigning for a one million per cent tax on every gram of fossil fuel burned because the victims were not working class people, but the most irresistibly cute creatures on the planet ...

As 44 US states brace for snow in the coming week, multiple “climate change” articles have been published recently which attempt to attribute the record cold – or any change in climate for that matter – to “global warming.”

An op/ed published yesterday, for example, suggested the freezing temperatures throughout the U.S. are an “indirect result of the world getting warmer.”

“Global warming could be making parts of the world colder,” the author claimed, even though the phrase “global warming” refers to the entire world getting warmer, not just specific parts of it.

The author even attributed the record-level ice in Antarctica to “global warming.”

“Warmer temperatures are not only causing more snowfall in Antarctica, scientists believe, but could also be producing more sea ice,” he stated.

The op/ed did not resonate well with readers.

“These so called experts haven’t a clue what is going on, but politicians know exactly what is happening – the greatest opportunity to control the masses ever presented,” one reader, Steve Nosympathy, commented. “Never before has such an opportunity presented where the government can steal huge amounts from the public by instilling fear.”

A similar article published today by The Energy Collective blamed “global warming” for “extreme weather.”

“Global warming is worsening,” the article harked. “It seems that new reports appear with increasing frequency emphasizing the worsening of global warming due to increased accumulation of manmade greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.”

“They show that extreme weather or climate events already appear to be more severe and/or frequent than in the past, and will continue to worsen.”

Of course, none of this corresponds to what the largest proponent of global warming, Al Gore, has said in the past.

“…Science is warning us that if we do not quickly reduce the global warming pollution that is trapping so much of the heat our planet normally radiates back out of the atmosphere, we are in danger of creating a permanent ‘carbon summer,’” Gore proclaimed during his Nobel Lecture in 2007.

He also famously predicted the North Pole would be ice-free by 2013, but instead ice sheets expanded to record levels that year.

“Satellite photos of the Arctic taken by NASA in August 2012 and August 2013 show a 60 percent increase in the polar ice sheet, more than half the size of Europe, despite ‘realistic’ predictions by climate scientists six years ago that the North Pole would be completely melted by now,” reported CNS News.

It’s hilarious that climate activists claim the “science is settled” and “global warming is real” yet over and over again their predictions are proven patently false.


Big Business Joins Climate Change Scaremongers
The Paris summit on climate change approasches, which means the tree hugging fascist tendency are turning up the volume to eleven again. Trouble is they cannot produce a shed of evidence to back up their wild claims of imminent catastrophe because global warming only exists in their mathematical models, in the real world it is not happening/

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