Boggart Blog Politics Intrudes On Our Olympic Reverie

Much kerfuffle about fakery at the Olympic Games, lip-synching singers, lead-gilt gold medals, women with bollocks and beards. But is it not typical of what has been going on in the west for years?

Small and Beautiful Georgian What? As the Russian occupation of tiny Georgia continues western politicians queue to condemn the aggression. But are any of them really qualified to comment on the Caucasian state?

Gymnastics Ain't What it Used To Be Evrything is dumbing down it seems, even the commentaries on sports at the Olympic games

If Its Good Enough For Madonna, It's Good Enough For The Olympic Games: Boggart Blog. posted by ian Thorpe, Wed 13 Aug 2008: Tags Humour, humor, sport: The Olympics are being called The Phoney Games but isn't it a lot of fuss to make over a little lip syncing?

Little Nicky Machiavelli

Barak Obama's Magic Hat
All barak Obama has to do now to triumph in the election is win over the Evagelical Christians and according to one of his supporters all that will take his for him to formulate a policy on birth control that will reduce abortions without seeming to approve of sex before and ouside marriage.
The problem Obamas supporters have is they seem convinced doing it is as easy as saying it. Remember "We're going to fix America." "How are you going to fix it Senator Obama?"
"We're going to fix it."
If only life were ever that simple Obama would be looking like a instead of a man out of his depth and drowning now.

Dirty Electricity
The corporate PR machines for Big Energy and Big Wheels are spreading a myth that electricity is a clean fuel and particularly that electric cars are a clean, green alternative to the internal combustion engine. That is just a deception claims Little Nicky Machiavelli. Most electricity comes from burning dirty fuels, coal, oil and gas. And that is onlt the beginning of the problem.

The Pursuit of Mediocrity
Education is going down the pan, ask employers who find school leavers with shitloads of examination passes are having to be taught basic maths and English. The bean counters who run the government's Education Department argue it is not so and cite ever improving statistics in support of their case. Teacher fatsally explains how statistics can show improvement while read standards in education decline

Other Blogs The Trashiest Tabloid Barak Obama and his supporters are whining again. Will they ever understand that having nasty, hurtful and untrue things said about one are part of the political game.

The Prince and the Pauper
Is PrinceCharles showing he is a wooly brained, inbred bufoon who is totally out of touch with reality when he criticises GM crops. Or does he have a point and the scientists are again demonstrating their inability to see what's staring them in the fucking face when they turn on him. Emily Hill argues the case for science in the main article. In the comment linked here

Ian Thorpe explains the ecomonics of GM crops and demolishes it.

For Freedom's Sake We Must Stop Libel Tourism
Britain's libel laws are archaic and oppressive. Designed to protect the rich and powerful from criticism they are now being used in the global cybervillage created by the internet to stifle justified criticism by those whose activities are most in need of public examination.

The Blue Collar Myth
Or will they become identified with that humourless, self-important corporate clas that spawned the campain and lose the election because everybosy hates arseholes. If the campaign team don't heed that message the blue collar factor will not be the only one Obama to worry about. It is not The Blues Collar Myth that will bring down barak Obama but the invincibility myth Obama and his supporters have spun around him.