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The entrance to the Greenteeth Gallery. Site building is going on at a frenetic pace but it will be some time before the gallery is complete. Find links below to works by vatrious artists.

The Greenteeth Gallery
Welcome to our online art gallery. You can explore the world famous artists whose work is shown here, with commentaries by working artists to help newcomers to the appreciation of art to gain some insight into the artists work and the way in which their era affected the perceprion of the world they depicted. Not too many portraits on display here, we prefer landscapes and puctures of people going about the business of their daily lives or abstract works that affect the emotions without using figurative images of people or events. Many excelent paintings by masters of their style are discussed however
CREATIVE COMMONS: Attribute, non commercial, no derivs.
KEYWORDS: art, painting, sculpture, gallery, picture, landscape, portrait, photography, surreal, abstract, artists, photo, photograph


The Kelpie by Herbert James Draper
The first picture in our menu is The Kelpie, which our CEO (Chioef Ectoplasmic Officer) Jenny Greenteeth, a Boggart or water spirit says is a painting of her when she was young and lovely. This is not by a well know artist but is a good example of late nineteenth century romanticiam.

The Fighting Temeraire - J M W Turner
Probably Turner's best known painting and one that I have loved all my life. A relative had a print of The Temeraire and I loved to visit the house and sit looking at the pocture as it tranported me into a little boy world of fantasies about adventures on the high seas. Later of course I cam to appreciate the artistry and the poignancy of the narrative depicted as the great warship is towed to the breakers yard.

Sun Rising Through Vapour - J M W Turner
An early Turner seascape with a definite subliminal patriotic message (the picture was painted at the height of the Napolenonic Wars) contained in the moored battleship and the decommissioned hulk used maybe to house French prisioners of war. The fishing community are going about their work of claeaning their tackle and preparing the catch for market.The composition shows Turner's interest in the effects of light on the way we perceive the reality of what is around us .

L. S. Lowry

Biography, Lawrtence Stephen Lowry

Coming From The Mill - by - L. S. Lowry
A typical industrial scene depicting workers leaving a cotton mill in Manchester or one of the industrial towns around it in the Lancashire industrial area.

More Lowry soon.

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Lowry - a biography: We've been lax in posting updates lately having suffered the bane of all controversialists on the web, a hack attavk by people who want to silence us. Quite why our few thousand hits a day shoukd be significant we can't tell unless of course we were getting too near the truth.
We return with something non controversial, a page dedicate to the works or artist L. S. Lowry but will be bavk up to our iconoclastic, shit stirring best very soon.

What Kind Of Reception Should Obama Get In The Country He Has Insuted So Much?
President Barack Hussein Obama of America visits Britain this week. The fawning media are singing his praises of course, the Obamessiah is come to bless us. But what kind of reception should he get given all the calculated insults to Britain. Should David Cameron overlook the shabby way Obama threated aGordon Brown, the way Bammy has denounced Britain's claim to the Falklands, they way he has tried to belittle us and undermine our sovereignty in Europe?

Wither Euro? How Long Can The Single Currency Survive?
After the pantomime of toxic debt, dodgy bankers and Collateralised Debt Obligations, anything the clowns of the credit-rating agencies say about Europe's sovereign debt crisis should be treated with the same indifference as Harold Camping's Apocalyptic prophecies. Unfortunately we have little alternative than to use the ratings agencies as there re few available ways to accurately assess the health of a nation's ...

The Great Wind Turbine Con Trick
A detailed and damning critique of wind turbine technology, renewable energy scams, green lobbying, the dodgy science behind the case for sustainable power and the politicisation of concerns about the environment. The whole thing looks more and more like a confidence trick by academics, politicians, big business and the New World Order ...

Osama Bin Laden Planned Easter Bomb Campaign In the latest attempt to convince a sceptical world that the man who (allegedly) is the first perfect human being in 2000 years did something really miraculous in personally leading a team of US Navy Seals to a run down apartment in Pakiskan where they killed an elderly man who looked a bit, but not much like the world's most ...

Not a lot of activity today but and Boggart Blog Archive #5 > are the latest of our pages to get the revamp treatment.

Greenteeth UK Home
Greenteeth Multi Media's UK home is back online today after a major revamp. Many audio and video itemsthat have been inaccessible since the domain was corrupted are now available once more.

Life Expectancy Rises By 44 Days In One Year
Science frenetically seeks ways to kep us alive longer. Last year alone life expectancy increased by 44 days. But does living loner make us happier or does longevity createmore social problems for a civilisation already in trouble.

House Prices Predicted To Fall Further New of a further drop in mortgage lending in March and April 2011 will surprise nobody. The Council of Mortgage lenders reported gross lending fell to £9.8 billion in April, down from £11.4 billion in March, and 5 per cent lower than a year ago.

Theosophy For Beginners Theosophy is an almost forgotten belief system now although it was only founded in the nineteenth century. Theosophy is based on the ideas of Helena Blavatsky and while it drawns on the ancient wisom found in Hindu, Budhist and Zoroastrian teachings it is fully compatible with Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox versions of Christianity as well as Jewish and Muslim beliefs.

Sub Atomic Girl and A New Discovery In Physics
A new discovery in physics, the existence of a previously unsuspected sub atomic particle has the world of science and scientists in a tizzy. But are they really onto something big, something that might help unlock the secrets of the universe and reveal the true nature of matter, gravity, protons, antimatter and other stuff. Or are they getting over - excited yet again.

UK Inflation Soars Again
Latest figures from the treasury show inflation has risen again, by half a percentage point to 4.5pc. The consumer price index (CPI), the Government's official measure of inflation, accelerated at its fastest rate since 2008, far outstripping economists' predictions of a 0.1 percentage point rise.

Dominic Strauus Kahn taken to New York's Notorious Riker's Island Jail. The head of the International Monetary Fund Dominic Strauss Kahn has been refused bail and remanded in custody by an American court after being arrested in New York following allegations of sexual abuse. Mr Strauss-Kahn was transferred from a detention centre attached to the

IMF Chief Arrested
The news that Dominic Strauss Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund and French Presidential hopeful has been arrested in New York on charges of sexual assault dominates front pages today. Mr. Strauss Kahn was remanded pending medical examination but whether he is charged or not his arrest is ...

Obama Threatens US Debt Default If Government Not Allowed To Borrow Money To Pay Debt Interest
You just have to look on slack jawed that the antics of Barack Obama, putative President of the United States of America, one known as the most powerful nation on earth but now due to several decades of politically correct thinking in high places and just two years of this half - educated clown at the helm a laughing stock internationally and the despair of ...

Google and Skype Wage War On Your Individuality
As the stream of propaganda continues to flow over us bearing the message that technology is progress, the internet will change everything for the better and that anyone who dissents is anti social and anti progress, technology consultant Ian R Thorpe warns we must be prepared to fight for our individualism against operators like google and skype whose message is: the machines are smater than you ...

Meat and Milk From Clones To Be Sold To The Public - Not Dangerous Just More Science Control Freakery
An item that caught our eyes and ears in today's news reported that the Food Standards Agency has published its final recommendation on the controversial issue of whether consumers should be allowed to buy meat and dairy products from cloned animals or the offspring of cloned animals ...

Far From Being A Bastion Of Freedom Twitter Is An Intolerant And Elitist Environment
Twitter community members ot twitterers as they are known like to present themselves as fair minded, liberal, tolerant and supportive of the right of free speech. Ian R Thorpe suggests they are anything but. The twitter community he suggests is illiberal, intolerant and elistist and anyone who strays off message will suffer the wrath of the politically correct thought police ...

Regulator's Concern Over Falling Education Standards.

The regulatory body Ofqual will shortly announce an inquiry into allegations made by university managers and employers' associations that the examinations taken by hundreds of thousands of secondary school pupils each year are getting easier. The investigation which will be the the most wide ranging the education watchdog ...

Tommy Clod - A comic verse about dumbing down

Volunteer Force Of 100,000 To Get Millions More Online
When Prime Minister David Cameron asked internet entrepreneur (bankrupt) Marth Lane Fox to head up a government sponsored volunteer force to promote the joys of internet technology to the 8 million Britons who do not have internet access - and perhaps to the tens of millions who do have access but detest the internet it smacked of an attempt to brainwash us. Fortunately Dave is technically illiterate and does not know his digital champion is more famed for her failures than successes ...

Taliban Revenge For The Killing Of Osama bin Laden Begins

The Pakistani Taliban were quick to claim responsibility for the double bomb attack that killed over 80 people in that country yesterday. Their message to the media said bigger attacks were to follow. A suicide bomber on a motorbike struck at the gates just as young recruits boarded buses to ...

Bank Of England Hints At Rate Rise Soon
The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee has said its central forecast in updated predictions for the economy is that inflation will return to the 2pc target over the next two years if interest rates ae raised when markets expect. That prepares the way for the Bank’s benchmark ...

Volunteer Force Of 100,000 To Get Millions More Online
Prime Minister David Cameron and the government's information technology adviser Martha Lane Fox and have unveiled a new initiative to extend a network of digital champions to evangelise the joys of the internet and persuade more people to get online to do business, socialise and seek entertainment.

What Differentiantes A Sceptic And A Conspiracy Theorist
In comments on this thread on this article 'The Birthers Become Deathers' many people were complaining about the way 'conspiracy theorist has become an implicit accusation of stupidity aimed by the sheeple who follow wherever big govrernment leads at those who ask intelligent questions, point to inconsistencies in evidence and ...

Five Gallons Of Cheeseburger With Fries Please
After all those health warnings from finger wagging scientists in the pay of Nanny State we are now told junk food is not only good for us but for the planet too.. One of Britain's biggest green petrol companies has revealed is now reprocessing not just used fat from commercial fryers but chips, burgers pies and pasties, cheese and anything lardy to make fuel for cars and ...

Bin Laden: Al Qaeda Vows Revenge On The West
Interesting - and unorthodox - take on the past week by Rush Limbaugh, the high-profile Right-wing "shock jock" and host of the highest-rated talk show on American radio.
He accused the New York Times of exaggerating the importance of bin Laden - in an attempt to make Obama look good for ...

Climate Change and the Population Explosion
In all the debates about climate change and the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the environment there is one issue that has a huge bearing on humanity's relationship with our planet that neither politicians nor scientists will discuss. Population growth. So a philosopher has to step up to the mark and ask why people are encouraged to have children when we face so many population related problems?

Smoke and Mirrors Blur Inflation Statistics Leading economist Simon Ward has accused The Bank of England of using "smoke and mirrors" to present official forecasts for inflation. With the annual rate of price rises currently double the official target at 4pc and showing signs it will keep rising, the Bank's central projection that the rate should return to 2pc next year is looking like pure fantasy. Mr. Ward, chief economist of global investment fund Henderson's, thinks the Bank is ...

Sony Takes On Apple In Tablet Wars
Tablet PCs have become the main drivers of growth for many electronics companies. The Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony is the latest contender to announce a foray into the market, unveiling two new devices [ ... ]Sales of tablet PCs have been booming globally, led by the success of Apple's latest triumph of hype over substance, the overpriced and ...

Central Banks Print Money But Fail To End Crisis
The world's central banks have pumped £3 trillion into the global economy since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. This represents the equivalent of 8pc of the world economy, according to an analysis by Fathom Consulting. The figures will intensify fears that the extra cash flooding the system is ...

New Economic Headache For Obama
The scale of the slowdown in US growth this year will be underlined by new figures to be released this week. The statistics will raise more questions about whether the world's biggest economy can regain momentum. High growth rates in recent quarters have been due solely to the Obama administration's loonytoons economic policy of printing money to try and ...

Bin Laden Death Pics: Pressure Grows On Obama
The raid on the compound in Pakistan in which the world's most wanted man, Osama bin Laden was killed is rapidly turning into a public relations disaster for US President Barack Obama. As the White House is forced to back off from its initial gung ho reports of bravery by the US President (who tried to give the impression he was somehow directly involved in the action) and the team of ...

The War Between Science and Religion
When cosmologist Martin Rees was awarded the Templeton Prize for scientific work enhancing the spiritual side of life the militant atheists reacted with predicatable angry intolderance. Their intolerant attitude seems to have done more to harm the scientific community than to turn paople against faith and religion.

The Human Cost Of Our Cheap Fashions
In the west we have lived the good life for many years, taking for granted the cheap clothes and low cost consumer goods we inmport from the poor nations of the third world. There is a hidden human cost of our comforable lifestyles however. Third World workers, clothing workers in particular, are employed under conditions that amount to slavery in everytthing but name. Even so the hand wringing, tree hiuggers of the progressive left are happy to enjoy what's provided by the hardship of those wage-slave workers while lecturing less idealistic people about the evils of Europe's slave trade which ended 200 years ago.

White House Backtracks On How Bin Laden Died Initial claims that the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had died while firing an automatic weapon at commandos were withdrawn, with President Barack Obama’s spokesman admitting “he was unarmed”. Another claim that bin Laden was 'a coward to the end' and a dramatic description of him using a woman alleged to be his his wife as a “human shield” and forcing ...

The Madness Of The Carbon Accounting System
The climate science cult is in disarray. The lie of their claim 'the science is settled' has been exposed, the symbol of their religion, the holy hockey stick has been turned to matchwood. And yet governments keep plugging away at the need to reduce emissions but at the same time urge us to act in ways that will make the real problem worse.
Also: Environment Minister In Green Energy Technology Funding Fight With The Treasury
Chief Of Climate Science Crooks And Liars Under Pressure To Resign

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition - The Suppression Of The Cathar Heresy
From our History Menu: Many maverick scholars of Chiristian history have said the form of Chistian worship practiced by the so called Cathars in Southern France and Northern Spain in the early years of the thirteenth century was closer to the spirit of Jesus's teachings than any of the organised religions with their dogmas and creed. So why was the Catholic Church so determined noy just to suppress what they called a the heresy but to exterminate every last one of its followers?

Obama Releases Birth Certificate But It Will Not Save His Presidency by James Dahlberg
US President Barack Hussein Obama has made an unexpected intervention in an attempt to end “birther” campaign questioning his eligibility to serve as POTUS. The President, after being dogged by doubts about his citizenship status for two years finally released a copy of his original birth certificate which ...

Britain On Edge Of A Double Dip Recession?
The eagerly awaited figures for GDP growth in the first three months of the year were published yesterday. The disappointing news was that the UK economy grew only 0.5pc in the first quarter of 2011, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed. This rate of expansion in economic activity does no more than offset the 0.5pc contraction in the final quarter of 2010. “Excluding the impact of the snow in December, the preliminary GDP figures suggest that the economy has ...

Syria Sends Tanks Into Daraa On the day that William (The Mekon) Hague announced with an honesty refreshing in a politician that we are in Libya 'for the long haul' the latest news from Syria suggests that country is moving towards civil war too. Let's hope our politicans have the moust to sense what is happening in the middle east and keep us out of ...

Central Banks Print Money But Fail To End Crisis The world's central banks have pumped £3 trillion into the global economy since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. This represents the equivalent of 8pc of the world economy, according to an analysis by Fathom Consulting. The figures will intensify fears that the extra cash flooding the system is responsible for rising stock markets, rather than any ...

Saudi Arabia Oil Price Fears The world's largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, is concerned about high oil prices and their impact on the global economy, the chief executive of state oil firm Aramco has said. Oil prices fell on Tuesday, in part after ...

Sony Takes On Apple In Tablet Wars
Tablet PCs have become the main drivers of growth for many electronics companies. The Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony is the latest contender to announce a foray into the market, unveiling two new devices. The gadgets will use ...

Poetry Past Masters. A new section opens in the Greenteethmm poetry library. The poests of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have stood the test of time, still being preferred by most readers to the stuff churned out by contemporary poets. So if you enjoy a traditional poem try this varied selection.

Smoke and Mirrors Inflation Statistics
Leading economist Simon Ward has accused The Bank of England of using "smoke and mirrors" to present official forecasts for inflation. With the annual rate of price rises currently double the official target at 4pc and showing signs it will keep rising, the Bank's central projection that the rate should return to 2pc next year is looking like pure fantasy.

New Economic Headache For O' Bummer
The scale of the slowdown in US growth this year will be underlined by new figures to ber released this week. The statistics will raise more questions about whether the world's biggest economy can regain momentum. High growth rates in recent quarters have been due solely to the Obama administration's loonytoons economic policy of printing money to try and cover the burgeoining deficit.

Life Expectancy Rises By 44 Days In One Year
Longevity is now accelerating so rapidly experts are talking about humans reaching 'escape velocity', with our life expectancy rising by more than a day for every day we live. A baby born this year will, on average, live for more than 90 years and nine months according to a news study published yesterday.

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The plight of people on the doorstep of the Lib Dems' conference in Liverpool this week exposes the true impact of the Coalition's policies.


In this section we do not necessarily support the views expressed in linked articles but try to give a coss section of interesting and well written articles that we think are likely to stir things up a bit.


What Will It Take To Make Vegetarian Diets Go Mainstream - Paul McInnes One of the nastiest dining experiences I have ever had was in a vegan restaurant. There was no interpretative dance, nor a vicious dining room fight involving sharpened broccoli spears, but there might as well have been. First off the lighting was harsh, like an art gallery or something. The portions were tiny and the mood of the staff was ...
Got to love the comments from my fellow meat eaters in the thread. (See also Lost Weekend)

Vince Cable is vain and self indulgent but don't ignore him.
The Daily Mash has a brilliantly amusing take on Vince Cable this morning. They joke that: “In 2008 the so-called ‘Sage of Twickenham’ was one of the first politicians to read newspaper articles warning of a financial crisis and then tell people what he had been reading about.” And now he’s back at it again ... (See also :

Wither Euro? How Long Can The Single Currency Survive?
China Is Right To Think UK Will Soon Be Broke
George Osborne, the Chancellor, prides himself on a deficit reduction strategy that has persuaded the credit rating agencies to take the UK off negative credit watch and reaffirm the country’s triple A rating. Yet we are talking here only about the big three Western rating agencies. China’s main rating agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, doesn’t…

U.S. Liberal Media Crazy About Cammers The state visit to this country by President Obama has prompted American opinion formers to cast a critical eye over David Cameron and his government – and they like what they see. The New York Times’s David Brooks is positively gushing, favourably contrasting the political maturity of this country with what is happening back home.…

Bammy's Top Ten Insults To Britain

In March last year I published a list of Barack Obama’s biggest insults against America’s biggest ally Great Britain, during his time in office. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, including the Gulf oil spill and the White House’s campaign against BP, the now infamous Obama-Sarkozy press conference earlier this…

Boggart Blog Select vol 7 Another archive of hilarious humour and cutting satire from Boggart Blog An End To Poverty, Inequality and Nationalism: The Rapture Of The Progressive Left
So unless I’m actually in Hell and my spirit still wanders the earth writing blog posts for the Telegraph, the predicted Rapture did not take place last Saturday. As so often, the great Rod Liddle was spot on yesterday (£) in expressing his annoyance at the smug humanists holding ironic Rapture parties. He wrote: Dig beneath the surface…

Cameron's Green Growth Policy Will Look Cynical In A Few Years.

The promised 50% cut to greenhouse gases means little while rich countries continue to outsource pollution to poorer ones.

Not for the first time, the prime minister was happily promoting the irreconcilable. "By stepping up, showing leadership and competing with the world," he announced last week, "the UK can prove that there need not be a tension between green and growth". nIt could have been worse. After the Treasury and the business department tried to scupper the UK's long-term ...

Institutional Failure and Climate Change
Profit-driven capitalism and its desire to ‘make people pay’ for goods they were previously consuming ‘for free’ provides the key to solving most environmental dilemmas – it is the embodiment of the ‘polluter pays principle’. Seen through this lens, there are many environmental assets currently held under ‘open-access’ conditions or subject to government ownership and/or regulation that could and should be ‘privatised’ – whether at the level of individuals or companies, or as suggested by Elinor Ostrom at the level of cooperatives and ...

So This Is The Future - It Doesn't Look Much Like They Said It Would
If you look out of your window, you will not see many flying cars. Most people are not walking around in all-in-one body suits and you are unlikely to be getting around by teleporter. We are living in a time that science fiction writers have been dreaming of for more than a century. But, as an exhibition devoted to sci fi opens at the British Library, the genre's writers have to face the fact that the world hasn't worked out quite as ...

A Way To Make Computer Programmes Better - Stop Changing Them
I am not, by natural inclination, a Microsoft-hater. It may have an unfair near-monopoly on PC software but in the past its programmes and operating systems have served me well enough. That benign indifference has now come to an end. I am furious with this global tyranny which has created chaos in my professional life. The purchase of my…

The French Attitude To Sex Crime Would Shock The US
The French apparently regard the sight of a powerful politician in handcuffs to be more shocking than the possibility that an African immigrant chambermaid was imprisoned and sexually assaulted. That’s cultural variation for you. As my colleague Ben Brogan points out there may be some legitimate grounds in French legal terms for national outrage over Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s apparently ignominious treatment…

CO2 Mitigaion - It's Dopey Christopher Monckton:
Consider the Oldbury wind turbine, installed a couple of years ago by the local authorities of Sandwell in the English Midlands at a cost of £5000 sterling plus Vicious Additional Taxation (a hideously complicated and thus easily evaded EU version of Danegeld, as we historians call it) at the then 17.5% rate (it’s now a bargain-basement 20%, so you get more in return for your missing-trader fraud than you did before). As WattsUpWithThat.com has recently revealed, in the first full year of the Oldbury White Elephant’s 20-year life it generated a gratifying 209 KWh of electricity — enough to power a single 100W reading lamp for less than three months. The rest of the year you’ll have to find something else to do in bed

The Unholy Bible
In the beginning was the word and the word was... good? Four hundred years after the publication of the King James Bible, philosopher AC Grayling has written a book which offers atheists a "bible" of their very own. In The Good Book, Professor Grayling attempts to whisk together in one tome the wisdom of Ancient Greek philosophers, Confucian sages, medieval poets and the discoveries of modern science. Without any reference to ...

With New World Order Fan Strauss Kahn A Broken Force Will IMF Line On Bailouts Change
One interesting thing about the fall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is that it has become increasingly clear that IMF technical staff are not fully aligned with eurozone political leaders regarding the eurozone sovereign bailouts, but Strauss-Kahn was (unsurprisingly, given his high-profile role in French politics). The central European political doctrine, since 2008, has been “no creditor shall lose”.…

Germany No Longer Needs Europe - The One Nation Dream Is Over
That’s the motion being debated tonight at the Royal Geographical Society, in an encounter run by Intelligence Squared. I’m proposing it, along with the delightful Gisela Stuart and a man called Oliver Kamm. On the other side are Tim Garton Ash, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Dr Michael Stürmer. For those who aren’t coming, here’s a rough sense…

Cyber Weaponry and the new way of war
Misha Glenny: Stuxnet forced countries to assess their vulnerability to cyber-attacks and make cyberwarfare mainstream defence policy ...

Pay Gap Widens To Victorian Levels
Wage disparity between the UK's top earners and the rest of the working population will soon return to the levels of the Victorian era unless action is taken to curb executive pay, a new report by the high pay commission claims.
At the same time a new ICM poll shows that 72% of the public think high pay makes Britain a grossly unequal place to live, while 73% say they have no faith in government or business to tackle excessive pay. The high pay commission was set up last November to scrutinise ...

Pakistan May Cut NATO supply lines
The security of Nato's main supply line into Afghanistan came under threat on Saturday as Pakistani parliamentarians voted to review all aspects of their relationship with the US amid worsening political fallout from the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The unanimous motion was passed in the early hours of Saturday morning at the conclusion of an extraordinary 10-hour parliamentary session when the military's top brass offered apologies and admissions of failure, and the country's spy chief offered to resign.

Unruly Head Teachers
Normally when you hear about someone being suspended from a school you can probably safely predicate that it is one of the pupil or a teacher. You don’t expect to hear of a head teacher being suspended. And you don’t expect the press release from the council announcing such a fact to have spelling mistakes. However a head teacher has been suspended. From Darwen Vale High School in Blackburn. You might have heard of the school. It’s the one where the staff went on strike because of the lack of discipline at the school.

Pentagon releases 'Bin Laden' home videos.
The White House - Team Obama hoax killing of terrrorist Osama Bin Laden story continues to fall apart. Now the American government have released video of a figure (allegegly Osama) with his back to the camera as he watches TV.
Let's be honest, it could be anybody. The Daily Stirrer reported last week Bin Laden died in or before 2007. Nobody has produced anything to disprove that yet.
Another clip of an alleged Osama bin Laden, again not even a good lookalike.

A report from Orla Geurin of BBC News. Orla has been on the srteets of Abboatabad talking to locals about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Almost all say the pictures released by The White House of an old man watching TV in a squalid room, alledged to be video and photographs of Osama Bin Laden look nothing like him.

This point has already been noted by most British people who have seen the picutres.

Will There Ever Be An Aids Vaccine
The hunt for a vaccine for HIV is perhaps the most urgent – and the most frustrating – project in modern medicine. Almost 30 years after the virus was identified, we have had some success in managing HIV and Aids, once contracted – but progress towards finding a full-blown vaccine remains painfully slow. Which is why a group of eminent Aids scientists has made the controversial suggestion that ...

More Thoughts On Mass Medication Further to my thoughts on the idea of mass medication of the healthy over at Orphans, I see that my feelings are echoed by Cristina Odone writing in the Telegraph. Worryingly, the idea of a daily dose of a drug – even for the healthy – is gaining ground. Recently, taking a small daily dose of aspirin was suggested as ...

Bin Laden Won
In The Looming Tower, the Pulitzer-winning history of al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11, author Lawrence Wright lays out how Osama bin Laden’s motivation for the attacks that he planned in the 1990s, and then the September 11 attacks, was to draw the U.S. and the West into a prolonged war—an actual war in Afghanistan, and a broader global war with Islam. Osama got both. And we gave him a ...

How Barack Obama Screwed Up The PR Triumph Of Osama Bin Laden's Death
The past few days have seemed like an extended amateur hour in the White House as unforced error after unforced error has been made in the handling of the US Government’s message about the killing of bin Laden. We should not forget the bottom line in this: bin Laden was justifiably and legally killed by brave and skilled… read all

The Social Animal and the Science Of Human Nature
There is a buzz building around the American journalist David Brooks's new book, The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement. Brooks has a track record of spotting trends, labelling them and telling a good yarn in the process. This time, he is on to something much more ambitious and it seems everyone is gagging for it ...

As Long As Politicians Fail To Rrepresent Us I Say Meh To AV
Lisa Ansell thinks the problems in the political system cannot be solved by changing the way we count votes, only by freeing politicians from the discipline of the party whip so they can represent their constituents.

How Many More Details Of Bin Laden Death Will Need To Be Clarified?
Oh dear, and it was all going so well. The White House has just “clarified” crucial aspects of the special forces operation that ended with the execution of Osama bin Laden. Specifically, it has pointed out that the leader of al-Qaeda was not firing an AK-47 when he was shot dead and that his wife…

New Safety Laws For herbal Medicine
Under a European directive, herbal medicines on sale in shops will have to be registered. Products must meet safety, quality and manufacturing standards, and come with information outlining possible side-effects. The Medicines and Health care Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said there had been 211 applications for approval, with 105 granted so far and the rest still under consideration. Some herbal practitioners fear the move could threaten their businesses. Commonly used ingredients already registered include echinacea, used against colds, St John's wort, used by some for depression and anxiety, and valerian, claimed as a natural remedy for insomnia.

Lift The Mind And The Body Will Follow
Watch Royal Ballet stars Zenaida Yanowsky and Steven McRae in Christopher Wheeldon’s DGV: Danse à Grand Vitesse at Covent Garden this month and you’ll see not only inspired artists but world-class athletes too. Body and mind must work together in peak condition. There’s no room for doubt or hesitation – and that’s where Britt Tajet-Foxell comes in. [ ... ] “Working on the mechanics of dancers’ injuries – broadly speaking, the men suffer more from back problems, the women from their feet – I became increasingly fascinated by their psychology. I observed how two dancers with the same injury could respond to it in completely different ways, one making a full recovery, the other never even making it back on stage ...

America's Financial Pearl Harbour and Obama's Happy Talk
We’re just months away from another Pearl Harbor — potentially — and all we hear from President Barack Obama and company, as Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS) puts it, is “happy talk.” According to the unclassified 2009 report “Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses” by financial analyst Kevin D. Freeman, what’s referred to as “Bear Raid II” — phase III of an economic terrorist attack against the United States — is poised to fatally hit the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. dollar, causing the collapse of America’s economy. It was a threat former Secretary ...

Liberal Democrats Blinded by Gpovernment - BBC News
Members of the Liberal Democrats' ruling federal executive committee have told the BBC some in the party are still "blinded" by the shock of being in government, and some of the party's activists are "natural opposition people". It comes as the party prepares to enter the final week of campaigning in the English local elections and national polls in Scotland and Wales, amid fears it could see many of the advances it has made in recent years wiped out ...

Note To Labour - The American Economy Is Growing Slowly Too
Poor old Ed Balls. Yesterday should have been his day. As GDP grew barely enough to catch up the losses over Christmas, what better chance to for the Shadow Chancellor to propagate his “too far, too fast” message? Especially after George Osborne unwisely told the Cabinet that the economy is “roughly in the right place”.…

Yes To AV Is Crucial To Future Electoral Reform
By a quirk of the calendar, the next eight days will bring two defining national events. One will give the people of Britain a chance to express themselves on the system under which the country has been run for longer than anyone can remember. And the other is the AV referendum. No one should be surprised that the royal marriage has garnered more attention than a plebiscite on our voting system – or that the collective reaction to Friday's wedding may well reveal more about us than the ballot on the alternative vote six days later ...

Has Politically Correct Thinking Encouraged Islamic Extremism
As is becomes ever more clear that London, more than Afghanistan, is a centre for the radicalisation of young Muslims the question has to be asked: Is Politically Correct thinking to blame.

New Economic Headache For O' Bummer
The scale of the slowdown in US growth this year will be starkly underlined by new figures this week raising questions about whether the world's biggest economy can regain momentum. Expansion in gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to have slowed to 1.8pc in the first quarter of the year from the 3.1pc seen in the final three months of 2010.. Most economists point out that a combination of higher oil prices, a particularly harsh winter in the US and the earthquake in Japan all proved unexpected constraints on a quarter that in December was forecast to provide further evidence of a strengthening recovery ...
Can George Turn It Round? As Obama's loonytoons economics cripples America how is Britain's economy faring?

Healthy Scepticism About Electronic Health Records To reduce medical costs and improve care, the US government plans to implement electronic medical records in every hospital and clinic. A government official explained:
"Over the last 30 years, we've watched information technology revolutionise industry after industry, dramatically improving the customer experience and driving down costs. Today, in almost every other sector besides health, electronic information exchange is the way we do business. A cashier scans a bar code to add up our grocery bill. We check our bank balance and take out cash with a debit card that works in any ATM machine."
As an incentive, the Obama administration will provide doctors and hospitals substantial bonuses to adopt electronic medical records as part of a federal multibillion-dollar investment, which includes health information technology regional extension centres (sound Orwellian enough?) where providers can ascertain which health record system best suits them. Fine in theory. The electronic medical record is supposed to reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and improve health outcomes. In practice, it's not so simple ...

Germans Are Going Cool On European Integration
It would have caused a chuckle among British tabloid readers. In Germany (and Greece) it caused a storm. On February 22 2010, the German news magazine Focus published a cover that depicted the Aphrodite of Milos with an outstretched arm making a very rude gesture at its readers. [ ... ]The Focus cover illustrated how much Germany's traditionally staid and politically correct media landscape has changed. More importantly, it represented a shift of German attitudes away from unquestioning support for European integration towards a more hard-nosed attitude towards the EU. Hope And Change? Despair Descends Over Obamaland
You know things are really going badly for the White House when even The New York Times, the most powerful bastion of liberalism in America, is warning the president he is in serious trouble. Today’s New York Times/CBS News poll makes devastating reading for Barack Obama’s advisers, showing the nation’s mood at its lowest level…

The True Finns Recipe For SuccessThe reactions to the election gains of Timo Soini's True Finns (Perussuomalaiset) in Sunday's general election in Finland have been full of earthquake metaphors. "A tremor hit the EU" is the way the BBC's Gavin Hewitt describes it. If that is so, then this was only the latest in a series of quakes to hit European countries, for few countries seem to have been immune to the rise of populist nationalism. Polling 19% of the votes in Finland and finishing in third place puts ...

Everyone Copies So What Are Apple Complaining About
Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung over the similarities in design between the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy range has an injured tone. ‘Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung has chosen to slavishly copy Apple’s innovative technology, distinctive user interfaces, and elegant and distinctive product and packaging design, in violation of Apple’s valuable intellectual…

Councils Join Campaign Against EU Budget Increase
The campaign against the EU budget hike is spreading across our local authorities. Since I last blogged on the subject, Bromley, Central Bedfordshire, Dover, Hull, Mid Devon, Rother, Rushmoor, Three Rivers and Torbay have formally asked their local MPs to oppose any rise in Britain’s contributions. Harrow and Maidstone have tabled similar motions for their…

The Born Again Birther Debate
America is a country facing serious problems. The crisis in Libya shows little signs of abating – even as US troops continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. At home, the government faces $38bn of brutal austerity cuts, which would be bad enough except for the fact they make barely a dent in the country's staggering $1.5tn deficit forecast for this year. That should be the priority of Republicans and Democrats alike and, indeed, the media classes, too. But no. Instead, the current hot topic is one that is quite literally unreal: was Barack Obama actually born in America?

iPad Bringer Of Doom
This device … is now probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs,’ said Rep Jesse Jackson Jr to the House of Representatives last Friday. Here he is, decrying the loss of jobs such as those in ‘libraries, bookstores. Jobs that depend on paper. In the not-too-distant future, such jobs will not exist.’ Children in his…

The Liberal Bigots Who View The Working Calss As Stupid Drones
We often hear of self-loathing Jews, but what about self-loathing proles – working-class people who look back with contempt at the communities they had the misfortune to grow up in? There’s a very good example of it in today’s Guardian, in this column by Lynsey Hanley, a woman who has made a writing career on…

Bin The Best Before Label Not The Food
Society's adherence to "best before" labels is symptomatic of our over-sanitised attitudes to food today and a culprit in creating Britain's 5.3 million tonnes of food waste each year [ ... ]Distinct from mandatory "use by" labels, the best-before term refers not to the relative safety of eating a food, but to its predicted quality by a certain date. Having today cooked some delicious green beans and courgettes, dated three and five days ago respectively, these predictions seem as unhelpful as they are wasteful.

Labour Should Fear UKIP
Ukip, a party once dismissed as being filled with "cranks and gadflies", poses a real threat to the main parties at the forthcoming elections. It was perhaps an acknowledgement of this challenge from a resurgent Ukip that encouraged David Cameron to make a controversial speech on immigration this week, in which he reached out to disgruntled Conservatives who might be thinking of flirting with Nigel Farage. Though grassroots Tories have long voiced concern over immigration, they have seldom been tempted by a credible alternative. But after polling almost a million votes in the general election, recruiting ...

Cameron Snookers Gordon Brown's IMF Ambition
How rude of David Cameron this morning to keep interrupting Evan Davis’s Today programme monologue. The Prime Minister insisted on trying to shoe-horn in the odd answer and it quite disrupted Davis’s logorrhea. Surely the PM should have learnt by now that we listeners aren’t remotely interested in what the politicians have to say ...

American Debt Warning Vindicates Coalition's Cuts
Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade its US debt forecast from ’stable’ to ‘negative’ is a shocker for the White House and the US economy. It reflects growing market unease that the Americans aren’t serious about deficit elimination and debt reduction. “More than two years after the beginning of the recent crisis, U.S. policymakers have…

CNBC: Why Nobody Wants The Toxic Dollar
Traders are warning of a dramatic change in dollar selling. They fear central banks from the Middle East may force their Asian rivals to more aggressively drive the dollar down. In 10 months, the Dollar Index has lost 14% because the world keeps accumulating dollars it doesn’t want and sells them. Asian central banks are key ...

London Is No Longer An English City Says John Cleese
David Cameron’s speech on immigration may not have gone down too well with the parliamentary Liberal Democrats, but I can think of at least one Lib Dem supporter who probably agreed with the PM on this one. In an interview with Seven magazine, the Lib Dem-supporting comedy legend John Cleese explained why he had…

Militant Atheists Will Never Be Happy
Notebook Celebrating a holiday in Britain is like trying to celebrate it in an unhappy family. The best-laid plans for reviving much-loved traditions quickly blow up in an almighty row. There’s no embarrassing uncle in his cups or stroppy in-laws; just schools that drop Nativity plays, shopping centres that phase out carols, and offices that shun …

Mobile Phones Are Turning Into Phantom Limbs
‘Phantom limb’ syndrome is suffered by many amputees, who feel strange and often painful sensations coming from their missing limbs. For a long time, doctors either dismissed these reports or thought they were due to irritation coming from severed nerve endings. The true cause of ‘phantom limb’ syndrome turned out to lie in the way …

The Position Of Minorities The Libertarian Party
All our historical and contemporary experience tells us that the more homogeneous a society, the greater its stability and peace. History and our present world also tells us that the common experience of minorities everywhere is persecution. Not all the time nor with the same intensity, but sooner or a later any substantial minority which is seen as radically set apart from the majority will suffer. An uneasy peace may reign for a time, sometimes for generations, but sooner or later racial strife reappears. Ask any Jew about that ...

Is There Any Room For Religious Faith In Science
Last week, the astrophysicist Martin Rees was awarded the Templeton prize, which aims to promote religion. Emine Saner brings together atheist writer and neuroscientist Sam Harris and Professor Robert Winston to discuss the conflict between science and faith. So, should Rees have accepted that award?

Another Chance To Rein In The Bankers Has Been Squandered
It was our generation's opportunity. Maybe substantive reform was always an unrealistic dream. But a £1.3 trillion bank bailout, a financial disaster that has lost Britain 20% of its GDP and threatens years of subdued growth should surely have triggered anger and some real change. But after the publication of ...

Turkey Has Been Maligned By European Public Opinionsays Ed West. Have they? Look at the comments.
I’ve been reading Norman Stone’s excellent Turkey: A Short History. It’s worth looking at because in all the debate about Turkey, Europe and its potential membership of the EU, there’s an underling historical hostility, and Stone provides an alternative narrative. So while Turkish atrocities down the years are well known, they were often the victims, too, and…

Will There Always Be An England
On Thursday night, the same day as David Cameron was making his speech about immigration, I had to propose the toast of “England”. My host was the Honourable Artillery Company, sometimes described as our oldest regiment. Its St George’s Day dinner (held early this year so as not to clash with Easter) is always a feast of patriotism of the sort which reached its apogee in the last years of Queen Victoria. After dinner, a band tootling under their busbies marches in, and ...

A floundering presidency heading for a fall? Barack Obama hits rock bottom in latest Gallup poll: Nile Gardiner, Daily Telegraph:
The latest Gallup Daily tracking three-day average represents a new low for Barack Obama, with just 41 percent of Americans approving his job performance as president. This matches his previous lows in August 2010 and October 2010, just before the mid-term elections, and it is significantly down from his 2011 average of 48 percent. The

Eurosceptic True Finns Shatter Concensus On Europe
As Finns prepare to go to the polls this Sunday, one thing is already clear: this has been a general election campaign like no other. For the first time, a European issue has dominated the debate. The issue in question is not one that makes for catchy headlines: [ ... ] The euro crisis, and subsequent need to bail out Greece, Ireland and now Portugal, has fed a rising wave of anti-EU sentiment and fuelled a rise of populist, often anti-immigrant parties across much of Europe. Finland is no different ...

Who Is To Blame For Broken Britain As David Cameron admits that Britain is disjointed by mass immigration, Ruth Dudley Edwards examines the consequences of our lax immigration policies.
I lived for 30 years in South Ealing in West London, which originally was a model little London village. The Poles who arrived after the war were thoroughly integrated, the Hindu shopkeepers got on with everyone, including the local Muslim residents, and although there were new immigrants from [ ... ] the only local grumbles I can recall were about some Somali refugees who had trashed their council house.

Cult Of Ruin Renders British Landscape Soulless
Simon Jrenkins, The Guardian
A bad omen is at hand. The cult of the ruin is back. I mean not just the return of such modern "ruins" as the Great Depression, Liberal coalitions or royal weddings, but ancient ones too. Television is furiously walking, digging and rescuing relics of the past ...

Cameron's Immigration Speech Shows Political SavvyDan Hodges, The Guardian.
Credit where credit's due. David Cameron still hasn't entirely lost his political touch. The Conservative prime minister's neatly choreographed by-play with his Liberal Democrat partners on immigration has served a number of useful purposes. It gets an issue running that he knows plays well to the Tory base. It allows Nick Clegg – or in this case, Vince Cable – to strike a pose that ...

Greece's Debt Default On Schedule fot This Summer
by Jeremy Warner

I’m not sure why everyone thought comments the other day from the German Finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, to the effect that Greece may eventually face a sovereign debt restructuring, were such a revelation. This is in fact only a statement of the blindingly obvious, has been apparent in the market price of Greek sovereign debt…

Reports Of The Lib Dems Death Exaggerated
Watching Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrat cabinet colleagues is like watching five men in a boat, riding the rapids, trying to avoid the rocks: you can tell how much trouble they are in by the speed at which they paddle. In recent weeks they have been paddling ever faster, pushing their social mobility plans…

The Pursuit Of Happiness Makes Maedline Bunting Nauseous
Within the space of an hour, I'd been hugged several times, I'd been led through a short meditation and I'd been bombarded by messages such as "if you can't change it, change the way you feel about it" and "happiness is a decision". It was the launch of Action for Happiness and everyone else looked pretty jolly. So perhaps it works. You have to hand it to them, Action for Happiness has fantastic chutzpah to launch a mass movement at the nadir of a grim recession. Given the media's need for surprises, they will get a lot of attention ...

Like The Rebel In Brave New World Brendan O'Neil DSemands The Right To Be Unhappy
What does the Dalai Lama have in common with Joseph Stalin? A belief that he has the power and the right to make people happy. Yesterday a gaggle of happy-clappy academics, economists and politicians, backed by the Dalai Lama, launched a campaign called Action for Happiness, which will endeavour to make us Brits less gloomy…

The Guardian's Simon Jenkins Advises The Happiness Lobby: Start With Drugs
A new campaign called Action for Happiness was launched on Tuesday. It was also launched, I distinctly recall, back in January, and often before by such luminaries as David Cameron, the Dalai Lama, Billy Graham, Dale Carnegie and Aristotle. You can ridicule happiness, bash it on the head, stamp it under foot, but back it comes, smiling cheerily and offering ...

An Islamic Revolution One of the defining features of the strictest versions of Islam, as highlighted by Carpsio, is the rulings that imams are asked to make on the tiniest of details

Research Linking Booze And Cancer Will Not Put Us Off Drinking
Last week research pointed to a link between alcohol and certain types of cancer (“Alcohol ’causes 13,000 cancer cases a year’”). The health lobby – the anti-booze fanatics – will seize on the findings, as my colleague Judith Potts notes, as an excuse to cajole and bully the public into giving up booze. I heard…

We're In A bubble And It's Not Internet, It's Higher Education
Peter Thiel – the PayPal co-founder, hedge fund manager and venture capitalist – not only has a special talent for making money, he has a special talent for making people furious. Some people are contrarian for the sake of getting headlines or outsmarting the markets. For Thiel, it’s simply how he views the world. Of course a side benefit for the natural contrarian is it frequently leads to things like ...

If Syria's Regime Falls The Middle East Will Unravel
The Syrian regime, long a key player in the Middle East power play, has decided to fight back with full force. It seems determined to defeat the tidal wave of popular protest that smashed the regimes of Tunisia and Egypt, that is threatening rulers in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, and is now challenging state power in a dozen Syrian cities.

Portugese Baulout And The Future For Europe
Portugal bailout: three scenarios for Europe's economic futureIt could be good news, bad news or really bad news for Europe depending on the form and extent of contagion. For "strict conditionality" read severe budget cuts. The disparity between the eurozone's need for sophisticated solutions and the provincialism of its political leaders ...

Earth Does Not Have Cancer
Any minute now I’m going to lay off blogging for a while, for health reasons. But I can’t pretend I’m going to find going cold turkey easy, especially not when there are stories like this around. It concerns “wildlife expert” Chris Packham – presenter of some of the BBC’s most popular nature programmes including Springwatch and a new series called The Animal’s Guide To British Wildlife – and some deeply unpleasant remarks he made in the course of an interview with the Radio Times ...

FBI Documents Reveal A UFO Was Recovered At Roswell
Documents revealing UFO sightings have been made public on an FBI official database. In one document, a special agent in charge of the FBI's Washington Field Office sent a letter to the FBI's director on 22 March 1950, claiming that an Air Force investigator recovered a spacecraft in a field near to Roswell, New Mexico. It reads: "Three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter." The report, which is registered on the FBI's online Vault library, then goes on to describe the 3ft human-like bodies of the aliens among the remains of the UFO landing. When Liberal Ceases To Mean Liberal
Longrider rightly laments the corruption of some key political terms. Like the word "liberal": All of which is all very well, but what about legitimate words that have been thoroughly corrupted to the point where their accurate and original meaning is lost entirely? “Liberal” being one such ...

Capitalists@Work on Banking Reforms At last we have the considered view of John Vickers and his team on UK Banking; albeit in interim form. Sir John makes a good case for the protection of retail banking in the UK in future. The implicit suggestion is that by protecting retailers, other parts of banks can fail and the State will not have to offer blanket guarantees. However, the big miss here is the failure to ...

Tevatron's New Particle May Be A Force Of Nature
It would seem that the biggest and most famous scientific experiment in the world, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, is not the only game in town when it comes to particle physics. The Tevatron accelerator at Fermilab near Chicago is having one last hurrah before it is switched off later this year, and in doing so may have produced the discovery of a generation. But if confirmed, the one thing we know is that this is not the elusive Northern Girls Look Like Elton John Dressed Up For A Gypsy Wedding - But They're Fun
Janet Street-Porter is six foot tall, with about five feet of that in leg; she’s got teeth that could sever a branch from its trunk; and she talks at break-neck speed, incessantly. After a few minutes in her presence, you want to press the stop button and get out of what feels like the spin ...

New Findings On Drink and Alcohol Are A Gift To Nanny State Nazis
The results of the European Cancer and Nutrition Study – which followed 360,000 men and women from eight European countries – state that 13,000 cases of cancer each year in the UK are a direct result of the consumption of alcohol. The cancers involved – of the mouth, throat, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, breast, bowel and…

Obama Gaia Green Energy Partnership
Years ago, a Venezuelan acquaintance told me a story: Venezuelans and Germans had a rowing race. The German crew had ten oarsmen and one leader who shouted commands; the Venezuelan crew had one oarsman and ten shouters. Surprisingly, the German crew won the race. During an after-action analysis, the Venezuelan team tried its best to figure out why they had lost; the solution was obvious and the shouter majority easily agreed on it: they just needed more shouters ...

The Worst Guilty Pleasures Are Best For The Soul
When I was a teenager, I used to get ill every year around Good Friday. It was like having stigmata, but in the form of tonsillitis or earache, and in retrospect, I think I may have been doing it for the attention. One year, I got a virus that manifested itself in about 60 simultaneous mouth ulcers. I had to paint my mouth with some ...

We Have Forgotten The Economic Lessons Of History
Ghosts stalk the huge Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods – set in a stunningly wild and beautiful valley bowl beneath New Hampshire's Mount Washington, still covered in snow even in early April. There are the spectres of the delegates who commandeered the hotel in July 1944 to hammer out the deal that created the IMF and World Bank in the most successful international economic conference ever. But the ghost that haunts everyone with any sense of history is that of John Maynard Keynes, the 20th-century's finest economist and leader of the British delegation.

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