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The entrance to the Greenteeth Gallery. Site building is going on at a frenetic pace but it will be some time before the gallery is complete. Find links below to works by vatrious artists.

The Greenteeth Gallery
Welcome to our online art gallery. You can explore the world famous artists whose work is shown here, with commentaries by working artists to help newcomers to the appreciation of art to gain some insight into the artists work and the way in which their era affected the perceprion of the world they depicted. Not too many portraits on display here, we prefer landscapes and puctures of people going about the business of their daily lives or abstract works that affect the emotions without using figurative images of people or events. Many excelent paintings by masters of their style are discussed however
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The Kelpie by Herbert James Draper
The first picture in our menu is The Kelpie, which our CEO (Chioef Ectoplasmic Officer) Jenny Greenteeth, a Boggart or water spirit says is a painting of her when she was young and lovely. This is not by a well know artist but is a good example of late nineteenth century romanticiam.

The Fighting Temeraire - J M W Turner
Probably Turner's best known painting and one that I have loved all my life. A relative had a print of The Temeraire and I loved to visit the house and sit looking at the pocture as it tranported me into a little boy world of fantasies about adventures on the high seas. Later of course I cam to appreciate the artistry and the poignancy of the narrative depicted as the great warship is towed to the breakers yard.

Sun Rising Through Vapour - J M W Turner
An early Turner seascape with a definite subliminal patriotic message (the picture was painted at the height of the Napolenonic Wars) contained in the moored battleship and the decommissioned hulk used maybe to house French prisioners of war. The fishing community are going about their work of claeaning their tackle and preparing the catch for market.The composition shows Turner's interest in the effects of light on the way we perceive the reality of what is around us .

L. S. Lowry

Biography, Lawrtence Stephen Lowry

Coming From The Mill - by - L. S. Lowry
A typical industrial scene depicting workers leaving a cotton mill in Manchester or one of the industrial towns around it in the Lancashire industrial area.

More Lowry soon.

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