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Without American leadership, democracy is in peril? Not really.

by Arthur Foxake - 7 September, 2014

Vladimir Putin is on a roll, Nato is a busted flush and Barack Obama looks weak

So goes the received wisdom from the global totalitarian elitist cabal this week. In an interview at the NATO summit held in Wales this week. UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, in an interview with BBC News, assured us that Russia would not be a threat to Eastern European countries which were members of NATO. Vladimir Putin, he said, "knows where the red lines are". It was, to put it mildly, an unwise choice of words because in fact it is Russia that drew the red lines in Europe and NATO, with the EU, that has crossed them by pulling former Soviet Bloc nations into NATO and EU membership in violation of a treaty signed after the break up of the Soviet Union.

The credibility of NATO depends on American Miltary strength according to the received wisdom and the moment Brack Obama started making threat about crossing red lines which he then failed to follow up, no amount of American sabre rattling was going to persuade the Russians or Chinese that America had the stomach to stand by the human organ noshing fantatics, gangsters and neo Nazis it backed to overthrow those who obstructed its New World Order / Scientoific Dictatorship agenda. Now, Nato confronts not a cohesive ideological Soviet power bloc but a rabidly capitalist and oligarchic opportunist power. This isn’t a new Cold War, it’s a craptangle.

Pundits said that this summit was going to be a test for NATO: could it demonstrate that it was fit for purpose – or even agree on a clear definition of what its purpose is in the current geopolitical situation? There was a torrent of diplomatic babble from national leaders attempting to obfuscate differences over the reality of the threat to Europe from the Russia, China and Iran.

The former Warsaw Pact nations who foolishly allowed themselves to be seduced by NATO and the EU are noe starting to understand their New Best Mates in the west are fair weather friends and being in the front line to face Putin's revenge are less complacent than Phillip Hammond about the imminent danger Russia represents. Their economies are already being hit hard by the economic measures Russia took in retaliation for the ineffectual sanctions imposed by the US / EU / NATO. They know that the "ceasefire" with Russia which Ukraines Petro Poroshenko had little choice but to negotiate will end in the fall of the Kiev government and the emergence of a regime in Ukraine that will lead the country back into the Russian sphere of influence.

Putin will hold the territory taken by pro - Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, thus puttinmg Ruissia in a position to undermine Ukrainian sovereignty by splitting the country at will. This would effectively end any hopes of Ukrainian membership of either Nato or the EU the EU / US New World Order might try to cling to. As many of the more astute Western commentators have pointed out, this entire crisis is the West’s fault because its representative organisations, Nato and the EU, seduced (sic) Ukraine and the Baltic states into their camp.

There is a brilliant analysis of what has actually been going on in The Ukraine - and what American leadership is really like (Abject Failure) at.



"..the protest movement was completely co-opted, hijacked, manipulated, controlled, financed, organized and run by the USA who used EU political elites and a group of bona fide Nazis to achieve regime change and draw the Ukraine into the AngloZionist sphere of influence. What they wanted was a Ukraine economically exploited by the EU and militarily owned by the US via NATO. This plan centered on not only severing away the Ukraine from Russia and its economic union with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and others, but to also on severing the economic ties between Russia and Europe (an old US goal dating from the Cold War when the US did everything it could to prevent the USSR from selling gas to western Europe).

You can think of the Nazi thugs in Kiev as the Ukie equivalent of al-Qaeda or ISIS: rabid hateful murderous lunatics who literally cannot contain their hatred and desire to oppress and murder. Of course, under US pressure, they tried very hard to act like sane and civilized people, but time and again they failed, hence the references to Russian speakers as sub-humans/non-humans, Timoshenko's desire to use nukes to exterminate the "accursed Moskals", the apparently crazy insistence that only Ukrainian be an official language or the equally imbecile categorical refusal of any form of federation. Needless to say, as soon as these crazies got to power, they immediately passed a series of fantastically stupid and provocative laws such as the re-authorization of Nazi propaganda or the repeal of the official status of the Russian language. Unsurprisingly, the folks in the east freaked out and correctly concluded that "the Nazis are back".

As a result, a double dynamic was created: the crazies in the USA (the Neocons) directly threatened the vital/existential interests of Russia while the crazies in Kiev (the Nazis) directly threatened the vital/existential interests of the population of eastern and southern Ukraine. In doing so they left the Donbass and Russia no other option than to react and directly respond to that danger.

This is important because what has been done cannot be simply wished away and undone. Both Russia and Novorussia are now in a "survival mode" in which nothing short of a full elimination of these vital/existential threats will do. In other words, the US Empire's AngloZionist project AND the Ukie Nazi experiment must absolutely and definitely be defeated and conditions must be created which will forever prevent it's reemergence."

Once Barack Obama – on whom the credibility of Nato depends (according to The Daily Telegraph) – allowed the Assad regime to cross his mythical "red line on chemical weapons" (cited in the same newspaper) the west's credibility was blown. Russia knew, China knew, Iran knew, the world knew the fake chemical weapons attack orchestrated by the Obama regime and carried out by anti - Assad rebels funded and armed by the USA and its allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the false flag incident exposed as fake, the one the British Broadcasting Corporation, once the most trusted news organisation in the world) were involved in? (click link to see video proof)was intended to provide an excuse for western intervention in Syria. Unfortunately Russia, China and Iran said "no way" and Obama, Mr Credibility, crumbled.

Now the latest American line as they push for global war because that's the only way to save their economy is that "ISIS must be stopped". But why?

Let's imagine ISIS establishes it's ghastly caliphate. So we will have a Islamic hard-line theocratic state that regularly is happy to indulge in beheadings of those it doesn't like, and will make life impossible for any non-Muslims.

In other words, we'll have somewhere similar in every respect to Saudi Arabia.

But hold on - those oil rich nations are our allies! Beaheadings are cool, flogging girls for going out in public with a wisp of hear showing is civilised, Sharia law is fair to everyone especially females, homosexuals and infidelds eh? Right!

These are not just smart debating points. It is a well documented fact that finance for much of the Islamic terror movement - from Bin Laden to ISIS, has originated from our "allies" the Saudis and Qataris. So maybe, when Obama, says "we don't have a strategy", he is at last realising that all our blundering of the last 20 years has tended to solve one fairly small problem, only to cause several more larger ones shortly afterwards.

We can be fairly certain ISIS is not going to invade Italy, make its way up through France, cross the channel and invade Britain any time soon. Claiming the Islamic State poses some kind of existential threat to the West is nonsense. It is merely one more element in a series of upheavals in the Middle East, the history of which has been a series of upheavals that has gone on for three thousand years that we know of and probably longer.

Terrorism, so long as the USA stops proboking it by meddling in the internal politics of sovereign nations, is another matter altogether. There will always be disaffected minorities like the IRA, the basque separatists, the Red Brigades of the 1970s, they are a small threat to the lives of a few but are really not part of a cohesive global network no matter how much those who would spread fear and panic merchants as a means of crishing dissent wish they were.

It is not Russia, China or ISIS that threatens the uneasy peace. The world is in chaos because Americans want stuff for free. They don't want to trade, their incompetent leaders have trashed the manufacturing sector and built a government machine so big and greedy the nation cannot compete in an open market.

This is not a new thing which is why, fifty years ago or thereabouts, they devised the Petro-Dollar, which permits them to exchange tangible goods for paper. The Petro-dollar is not backed by gold but by US military strength. You are promised invasion and death, if you refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of the Dollar. Ask Muammar Gadaffi or Saddam Hussein, both of whom had decided to accept payment for their oil in other currencies shortly before US led coups deposed them, for further details. Strangely when Russia, China and Iran decided to dump the petrodollar, there was a lot of sabre rattling from Washington but Obama did nothing.

When a credible military opponent threatens the Petro-Dollar, the military option is immediatedly abandoned because the US public, still sensitive after the Viet Nam experience is not keen on foreign wars (and Afghanistan shows why). That is why "our" politicians are running around like headless chickens. The with america castrated by a weak, indecisive, naive, inexperience and egomaniacal leader, the developed world simply don't know what to do next.

The world is in chaos because ... Americans want stuff for free. They don't want to trade, esp. for energy. Soooo, they devised the Petro-Dollar, which permits them to exchange tangible goods for paper.

Now, that Petro-dollar is not backed by gold ... but, by the US military. You are promised invasion and death, if you refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of the Dollar.

See Gadaffi, Saddam et al, for further details.

When a credible opponent threatens the Petro-Dollar, the military option is immediatedly checked. That's why "our" politicians are running about, squawking. The money is about to run out ... and they simply don't know what to do.

Let's hope that "citizen justice" comes to pass.


I'm not a marxist laggard and I loathe the EU and I think Putin was provoked by the West's attempt to move its eastern border up to Russia's doorstep.

Of course, Russia, whether communist or capitalist, has no right other than might to dictate to the Ukraine or infringe it's sovereignty. But we live in a world where might is often the first item in the realpolitik toolkit.

See the war in Iraq, Nato's bombing of Serbia and the recent destruction of Libya as a functioning state by the US, Britain and France - all carried out because the West had the muscle to do so and no one else had the muscle to stop it.

When states see their national interests imperilled, the diplomatic niceties are forgotten by the West as readily as by less liberally fragrant world actors.

It's perhaps sad for the Ukraine that its geographical neighbourhood with a more powerful country reduces its freedom of action but we've seen this kind of constraint often enough before. It's practically a way of life in central Europe.

There used to be the Monroe doctrine under which the United States forebade any other power to insert itself into the region's affairs. When the Soviet Union tried to install missiles in Cuba, Washington reacted forcibly.

Someone made the point this week that if Russia or China tried to detach Canada or Mexico from the American sphere of influence, the United States would not just stand idly by.

History matters and a geographical buffer has historically mattered to Russia as any schoolboy knows. Perhaps they should have more schoolboys at Nato HQ and the EU Commission.

The solution is not to rage at Putin for being a thug and to pretend to impose sanctions against which he can himself retaliate painfully.

There needs to be a renegotiation of the post-1989 settlement imposed on Russia when it was weak. This should provide the Russians with security guarantees while also protecting the interests of the former Soviet satellites that are now in the Western orbit.

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